Victoria Rodríguez, Mexican tennis player (Mexican tennis player, 22.4.1995.)

Devin Velez, American singer (American singer, 22.4.1994.)

Ryu Hwayoung, former South Korean rapper and idol (former South Korean rapper and idol, 22.4.1993.)

Joonas Vaino, Estonian basketball player (Estonian basketball player, 22.4.1992.)

Kenny Stills, American football player (American football player, 22.4.1992.)

Robin van Helsum, Dutch criminal (Dutch criminal, 22.4.1992.)

Jade Windley, British tennis player (British tennis player, 22.4.1990.)

Eve Muirhead, Scottish curler (Scottish curler, 22.4.1990.)

Machine Gun Kelly, American rapper (American rapper, 22.4.1990.)

Thomas James Longley, English actor and model (English actor and model, 22.4.1989.)


Jagdish Sharan Verma, Indian politician, 27th Chief Justice of India (b. 1933) (Indian politician, 27th Chief Justice of India , 22.4.2013.)

Mike Smith, English footballer (b. 1935) (English footballer , 22.4.2013.)

Carmel Kaine, Australian violinist (b. 1937) (Australian violinist , 22.4.2013.)

Lalgudi Jayaraman, Indian violinist and composer (b. 1930) (Indian violinist and composer , 22.4.2013.)

Richie Havens, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1941) (American singer-songwriter and guitarist , 22.4.2013.)

Dave Gold, American businessman, founded 99 Cents Only Stores (b. 1932) (American businessman, founded 99 Cents Only Stores , 22.4.2013.)

Struther Arnott, Scottish biologist, chemist, and academic (b. 1934) (Scottish biologist, chemist, and academic , 22.4.2013.)

George Rathmann, American chemist, biologist, and businessman (b. 1927) (American chemist, biologist, and businessman , 22.4.2012.)

Buzz Potamkin, American television producer (b. 1945) (American television producer , 22.4.2012.)

Bill Granger, American author (b. 1941) (American author , 22.4.2012.)


The United States Air Force retires the remaining F-117 Nighthawk aircraft in service. (22.4.2008.)

Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi apologizes for Japan's war record. (22.4.2005.)

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