Isabella Acres, American actress (American actress, 21.2.2001.)

Sophie Turner, English actress (English actress, 21.2.1996.)

Charalampos Mavrias, Greek footballer (Greek footballer, 21.2.1994.)

Tang Haochen, Chinese tennis player (Chinese tennis player, 21.2.1994.)

Steve Leo Beleck, Cameroonian footballer (Cameroonian footballer, 21.2.1993.)

Mattias Tedenby, Swedish ice hockey player (Swedish ice hockey player, 21.2.1990.)

Thabiso Baholo, Lesotho swimmer (Lesotho swimmer, 21.2.1990.)

David Addy, Ghanaian footballer (Ghanaian footballer, 21.2.1990.)

Josh Walker, English footballer (English footballer, 21.2.1989.)

Scout Taylor-Compton, American actress (American actress, 21.2.1989.)


Merlin Volzke, American jockey (b. 1925) (American jockey , 21.2.2013.)

Tom Tipps, American politician (b. 1923) (American politician , 21.2.2013.)

Magic Slim, American singer and guitarist (b. 1937) (American singer and guitarist , 21.2.2013.)

Louis F. Oberdorfer, American judge (b. 1919) (American judge , 21.2.2013.)

Dick Neal, Jr., English footballer (b. 1933) (Jr., English footballer , 21.2.2013.)

Bruce Millan, Scottish politician, Secretary of State for Scotland (Scottish politician, Secretary of State for Scotland, 21.2.2013.)

Kaoru Kobayashi, Japanese criminal (b. 1968) (Japanese criminal , 21.2.2013.)

Masahiro Kanagawa, Japanese murderer (b. 1983) (Japanese murderer , 21.2.2013.)

Hasse Jeppson, Swedish footballer (b. 1925) (Swedish footballer , 21.2.2013.)

Bob Godfrey, Australian-English animator (b. 1921) (Australian-English animator , 21.2.2013.)


Two bomb blasts in Hyderabad, India, kill at least 17 people and injure more than 100 others. (21.2.2013.)

Steve Fossett lands in Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada becoming the first person to make a solo flight across the Pacific Ocean in a balloon. (21.2.1995.)

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