Karan Brar, American actor (American actor, 18.1.1999.)

Alexandra Scott, American cancer patient, founded Alex's Lemonade Stand, (d. 2004) (American cancer patient, founded Alex's Lemonade Stand, , 18.1.1996.)

Ilona Kremen, Belarusian tennis player (Belarusian tennis player, 18.1.1994.)

Kang Ji-young, South Korean singer (Kara) (South Korean singer (Kara), 18.1.1994.)

Minzy, South Korean singer and dancer (2NE1) (South Korean singer and dancer (2NE1), 18.1.1994.)

Morgan York, American actress (American actress, 18.1.1993.)

Francesco Bardi, Italian footballer (Italian footballer, 18.1.1992.)

Kieran Tscherniawsky, English discus thrower (English discus thrower, 18.1.1992.)

Diego Simões, Brazilian footballer (Brazilian footballer, 18.1.1991.)

Alex Pietrangelo, Canadian ice hockey player (Canadian ice hockey player, 18.1.1990.)


Sarah Marshall, English-American actress (b. 1933) (English-American actress , 18.1.2014.)

Takao Iwami, Japanese journalist (b. 1935) (Japanese journalist , 18.1.2014.)

Andy Graver, English footballer (b. 1927) (English footballer , 18.1.2014.)

Dennis Frederiksen, American singer-songwriter (Toto, Angel, and LeRoux) (b. 1951) (American singer-songwriter (Toto, Angel, and LeRoux) , 18.1.2014.)

Komla Dumor, Ghanaian-English journalist (b. 1972) (Ghanaian-English journalist , 18.1.2014.)

Michael Botmang, Nigerian politician, 17th Governor of Plateau State (b. 1938) (Nigerian politician, 17th Governor of Plateau State , 18.1.2014.)

Robert A. Alberty, American chemist and academic (b. 1921) (American chemist and academic , 18.1.2014.)

Kathryn Abbe, American photographer (b. 1919) (American photographer , 18.1.2014.)

Morné van der Merwe, South African rugby player (b. 1973) (South African rugby player , 18.1.2013.)

Theodore Stern, American academic (b. 1912) (American academic , 18.1.2013.)


A series of coordinated actions take place in protest against Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act. (18.1.2012.)

Gaza War: Hamas announces they will accept Israeli Defense Forces's offer of a ceasefire, ending the assault. (18.1.2009.)

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