Aaron Durley, American baseball player (American baseball player, 21.7.1993.)

Rachael Flatt, American figure skater (American figure skater, 21.7.1992.)

Jessica Barden, English actress (English actress, 21.7.1992.)

Whitney Toyloy, Swiss model, Miss Switzerland 2008 (Swiss model, Miss Switzerland 2008, 21.7.1990.)

Chris Martin, English footballer (English footballer, 21.7.1990.)

Jamie Waylett, English actor (English actor, 21.7.1989.)

Juno Temple, English actress (English actress, 21.7.1989.)

Kirill Nesterov, Russian footballer (Russian footballer, 21.7.1989.)

Chelsie Hightower, American dancer and choreographer (American dancer and choreographer, 21.7.1989.)

Chris Gunter, Welsh footballer (Welsh footballer, 21.7.1989.)


Irene Gleeson, Australian Missionary and Humanitarian (b. 1944) (Australian Missionary and Humanitarian , 21.7.2013.)

Fred Taylor, American football player and coach (b. 1920) (American football player and coach , 21.7.2013.)

Luis Fernando Rizo-Salom, Colombian-French composer (b. 1971) (Colombian-French composer , 21.7.2013.)

Sonny Gandee, American football player (b. 1929) (American football player , 21.7.2013.)

Det de Beus, Dutch field hockey player (b. 1958) (Dutch field hockey player , 21.7.2013.)

Ronnie Cutrone, American painter (b. 1948) (American painter , 21.7.2013.)

Lourembam Brojeshori Devi, Indian martial artist (b. 1981) (Indian martial artist , 21.7.2013.)

Thony Belizaire, Haitian photographer (b. 1955) (Haitian photographer , 21.7.2013.)

Andrea Antonelli, Italian motorcycle racer (b. 1988) (Italian motorcycle racer , 21.7.2013.)

Don Wilson, English cricketer and coach (b. 1937) (English cricketer and coach , 21.7.2012.)


Philippe of Belgium becomes King of the Belgians (21.7.2013.)

Erden Eruç completes the first solo human-powered circumnavigation of the world. (21.7.2012.)

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