Matteo Bianchetti, Italian footballer (Italian footballer, 17.3.1993.)

Eliza Bennett, English actress and singer (English actress and singer, 17.3.1992.)

Saina Nehwal, Indian badminton player (Indian badminton player, 17.3.1990.)

Mason Musso, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Metro Station) (American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Metro Station), 17.3.1989.)

Shinji Kagawa, Japanese footballer (Japanese footballer, 17.3.1989.)

Ryan White, Canadian ice hockey player (Canadian ice hockey player, 17.3.1988.)

Rasmus Elm, Swedish footballer (Swedish footballer, 17.3.1988.)

Fraser Forster, English footballer (English footballer, 17.3.1988.)

Claire Boucher, Canadian artist, musician, and music video director. (Grimes) (Canadian artist, musician, and music video director. (Grimes), 17.3.1988.)

Bobby Ryan, American ice hockey player (American ice hockey player, 17.3.1987.)


François Sermon, Belgian footballer (b. 1923) (Belgian footballer , 17.3.2013.)

Olivier Metzner, French lawyer (b. 1949) (French lawyer , 17.3.2013.)

Jan van Houwelingen, Dutch politician (b. 1939) (Dutch politician , 17.3.2013.)

André Fontaine, French historian and journalist (b. 1921) (French historian and journalist , 17.3.2013.)

Rosine Delamare, French costume designer (b. 1911) (French costume designer , 17.3.2013.)

Steve Davis, American football player and sportscaster (b. 1952) (American football player and sportscaster , 17.3.2013.)

Grady Clay, American journalist (b. 1916) (American journalist , 17.3.2013.)

William B. Caldwell, III, American general (b. 1925) (III, American general , 17.3.2013.)

Svein Blindheim, Norwegian military officer (b. 1916) (Norwegian military officer , 17.3.2013.)

Rudolf Battěk, Czech sociologist and politician (b. 1924) (Czech sociologist and politician , 17.3.2013.)


The largest meteorite (since NASA started observing the moon in 2005) hit the moon. (17.3.2013.)

Unrest in Kosovo: More than 22 are killed and 200 wounded. 35 Serbian Orthodox shrines in Kosovo and two mosques in Belgrade and Niš are destroyed. (17.3.2004.)

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