Find out who all died from February to November 1958

Pakistani politician, 2nd Governor of Punjab Abdur Rab Nishtar died 14. February 1958. (born 1899)

English activist, co-founded the Women`s Social and Political Union Christabel Pankhurst died 13. February 1958. (born 1880)

American actor, director, and producer Gordon Griffith died 12. October 1958. (born 1907)

Canadian politician, 34th Mayor of Montreal Camillien Houde died 11. September 1958. (born 1889)

German acrobat Otto Witte died 13. August 1958. (born 1868)

American trombonist Tom Brown died 25. March 1958. (born 1888)

American author and illustrator Marjorie Flack died 29. August 1958. (born 1897)

Irish painter Paul Henry died 24. August 1958. (born 1876)

Canadian priest, pianist, and composer Oscar O`Brien died 20. September 1958. (born 1892)

Bulgarian politician, Head of State of Bulgaria Georgi Damyanov died 27. November 1958. (born 1892)

English poet and academic Edwin Keppel Bennett died 13. June 1958. (born 1887)

Belgian-French general Maurice Gamelin died 18. April 1958. (born 1872)

Scottish race car driver Archie Scott Brown died 19. May 1958. (born 1927)

Swedish tug of war competitor Gustaf Söderström died 12. November 1958. (born 1865)

Welsh neurologist and psychoanalyst Ernest Jones died 11. February 1958. (born 1879)

Russian painter Konstantin Yuon died 11. April 1958. (born 1875)

English cricketer Frank Foster died 3. May 1958. (born 1889)

American author, poet, and playwright Zoë Akins died 29. October 1958. (born 1886)

Greek discus thrower Nikolaos Georgantas died 23. November 1958. (born 1880)

English footballer victims of the Munich air disaster – Geoff Bent died 6. February 1958. (born 1932)

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