Find out who all died from February to November 1958

French author, Nobel Prize laureate Roger Martin du Gard died 22. August 1958. (born 1881)

German acrobat Otto Witte died 13. August 1958. (born 1868)

English cricketer Charlie Townsend died 17. October 1958. (born 1876)

American journalist, poet, and playwright Angelina Weld Grimké died 10. June 1958. (born 1880)

Irish tennis player and politician John Pius Boland died 17. March 1958. (born 1870)

Canadian lawyer, publisher, and politician Jacob Nicol died 23. September 1958. (born 1876)

Canadian politician, 34th Mayor of Montreal Camillien Houde died 11. September 1958. (born 1889)

Bulgarian author Ran Bosilek died 8. October 1958. (born 1886)

Canadian runner George Orton died 26. June 1958. (born 1873)

American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate Clinton Davisson died 1. February 1958. (born 1888)

English-French poet and author Robert W. Service died 11. September 1958. (born 1874)

English mother of John Lennon Julia Lennon died 15. July 1958. (born 1914)

Croatian physician and scholar Andrija Štampar died 26. June 1958. (born 1888)

American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate Ernest Lawrence died 27. August 1958. (born 1901)

Estonian peot and writer Jaan Kärner died 3. April 1958. (born 1891)

Danish businessman, founded The Lego Group Ole Kirk Christiansen died 11. March 1958. (born 1891)

Bulgarian politician, Head of State of Bulgaria Georgi Damyanov died 27. November 1958. (born 1892)

Indian scholar and politician Abul Kalam Azad died 22. February 1958. (born 1888)

American psychologist John B. Watson died 25. September 1958. (born 1878)

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