Find out what all happened February to November 1900

Casey Jones dies in a train wreck in Vaughan, Mississippi, while trying to make up time on the Cannonball Express. (30. April 1900)

Boxer Rebellion: The Governor of Shanxi province in North China orders the execution of 45 foreign Christian missionaries and local church members, including children. (9. July 1900)

The Battle of Elands River during the Second Boer War ends after a 13-day siege is lifted by the British. The battle had begun when a force of between 2,000 and 3,000 Boers had surrounded a force of 500 Australians, Rhodesians, Canadians and British soldiers at a supply dump at Brakfontein Drift. (16. August 1900)

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom gives Royal Assent to an Act creating Australia thus uniting separate colonies on the continent under one federal government. (9. July 1900)

The first Zeppelin flight takes place on Lake Constance near Friedrichshafen, Germany. (2. July 1900)

Second Boer War: British soldiers take Pretoria. (5. June 1900)

The United States Congress passes the Foraker Act, giving Puerto Rico limited self-rule. (2. April 1900)

The Davis Cup competition is established. (9. February 1900)

Second Boer War: British troops fail in their third attempt to lift the Siege of Ladysmith. (7. February 1900)

Second Boer War: In South Africa, 20,000 British troops invade the Orange Free State. (14. February 1900)

Boxer Rebellion: Allied Western and Japanese forces capture the Taku Forts in Tianjin, China. (17. June 1900)

The international arbitration court at The Hague is created when the Senate of the Netherlands ratifies an 1899 peace conference decree. (6. February 1900)

Empress Dowager Longyu of China orders all foreigners killed, including foreign diplomats and their families. (18. June 1900)

Galveston Hurricane of 1900: a powerful hurricane hits Galveston, Texas killing about 8,000 people. (8. September 1900)

Hawaii becomes a territory of the United States, with Sanford B. Dole as governor. (30. April 1900)

The Eight-Nation Alliance occupies Beijing, China, in a campaign to end the bloody Boxer Rebellion in China. (14. August 1900)

Birsa Munda, an important figure in the Indian independence movement, dies in a British prison under mysterious circumstances. (9. June 1900)

Philippine–American War: Filipinos under Juan Cailles defeat Americans under Colonel Benjamin F. Cheatham at Mabitac. (17. September 1900)

The Scofield mine disaster kills over 200 men in Scofield, Utah in what is to date the fifth-worst mining accident in United States history. (1. May 1900)

Boxer Rebellion. China formally declares war on the United States, Britain, Germany, France and Japan, as an edict issued from the Empress Dowager Cixi. (21. June 1900)

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