See all who died on 14. January

Serbian archbishop and saint Saint Sava died 14. January 1235. (born 1175)

Italian explorer Odoric of Pordenone died 14. January 1331. (born 1286)

1st Baron Coventry, English lawyer, judge, and politician Thomas Coventry died 14. January 1640. (born 1578)

Dutch theologian, poet, and historian Caspar Barlaeus died 14. January 1648. (born 1584)

Italian composer Francesco Cavalli died 14. January 1676. (born 1602)

French mathematician Jacques de Billy died 14. January 1679. (born 1602)

Japanese daimyo Tokugawa Mitsukuni died 14. January 1701. (born 1628)

English astronomer, geophysicist, mathematician, meteorologist, and physicist Edmond Halley died 14. January 1742. (born 1656)

Irish philosopher George Berkeley died 14. January 1753. (born 1685)

English general Edward Cornwallis died 14. January 1776. (born 1713)

English organist and composer Michael Arne died 14. January 1786. (born 1741)

American lawyer and politician, 1st Governor of New Hampshire Meshech Weare died 14. January 1786. (born 1713)

Greek politician Athanasios Kanakaris died 14. January 1823. (born 1760)

English architect George Dance the Younger died 14. January 1825. (born 1741)

Russian monks and saint Seraphim of Sarov died 14. January 1833. (born 1759)

French painter Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres died 14. January 1867. (born 1780)

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