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The University of the Philippines is established. (18. June 1908)

Checker Taxi puts its first taxi on the streets. (18. June 1923)

Aviator Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly in an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean (she is a passenger; Wilmer Stultz is the pilot and Lou Gordon the mechanic). (18. June 1928)

Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Franklin Institute are held. (18. June 1930)

Police in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada clash with striking longshoremen, resulting in a total 60 injuries and 24 arrests. (18. June 1935)

Appeal of June 18 by Charles de Gaulle. (18. June 1940)

"Finest Hour" speech by Winston Churchill. (18. June 1940)

William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) is charged with treason for his pro-German propaganda broadcasting during World War II. (18. June 1945)

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, a Socialist, calls for a Direct Action Day against the Portuguese in Goa. A road is named after this date in Panjim. (18. June 1946)

The Egyptian Revolution of 1952 ends with the overthrow of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty and the declaration of the Republic of Egypt. (18. June 1953)

A United States Air Force C-124 crashes and burns near Tachikawa, Japan, killing 129. (18. June 1953)

Pierre Mendès-France becomes Prime Minister of France. (18. June 1954)

Vietnam War: The United States uses B-52 bombers to attack National Liberation Front guerrilla fighters in South Vietnam. (18. June 1965)

Staines air disaster – 118 are killed when a BEA H.S. Trident crashes two minutes after take off from London Heathrow Airport. (18. June 1972)

SALT II is signed by the United States and the Soviet Union. (18. June 1979)

The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, the first operational aircraft initially designed around stealth technology, makes its first flight. (18. June 1981)

Space Shuttle program: STS-7, Astronaut Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space. (18. June 1983)

Mona Mahmudnizhad together with nine other Bahá'í women, is sentenced to death and hanged in Shiraz, Iran because of her Bahá'í Faith. (18. June 1983)

A major clash between about 5,000 police and a similar number of miners takes place at Orgreave, South Yorkshire, during the 1984-1985 UK miners' strike. (18. June 1984)

The Troubles: the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) open fire inside a pub in Loughinisland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, killing six civilians and wounding five. (18. June 1994)

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