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World War II: The German offensives Operation Edelweiss and Operation Braunschweig begin. (23. July 1942)

Bulgarian poet and Communist leader Nikola Vaptsarov is executed by firing squad. (23. July 1942)

The Rayleigh bath chair murder occurred in Rayleigh, Essex, England. (23. July 1943)

The post-war legal processes against Philippe P├ętain begins. (23. July 1945)

The European Coal and Steel Community is established. (23. July 1952)

General Muhammad Naguib leads the Free Officers Movement (formed by Gamal Abdel Nasser, the real power behind the coup) in overthrowing King Farouk of Egypt. (23. July 1952)

The Sandinista National Liberation Front is founded in Nicaragua. (23. July 1961)

Telstar relays the first publicly transmitted, live trans-Atlantic television program, featuring Walter Cronkite. (23. July 1962)

The International Agreement on the Neutrality of Laos is signed. (23. July 1962)

12th Street Riot: in Detroit, Michigan, one of the worst riots in United States history begins on 12th Street in the predominantly African American inner city. It will leave 43 killed, 342 injured and 1,400 buildings burned. (23. July 1967)

Glenville Shootout: in Cleveland, Ohio, a violent shootout between a Black Militant organization led by Ahmed Evans and the Cleveland Police Department occurs. During the shootout, a riot begins and lasts for five days. (23. July 1968)

The only successful hijacking of an El Al aircraft takes place when a Boeing 707 carrying 10 crew and 38 passengers is taken over by three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The aircraft was en route from Rome, Italy, to Lod, Israel. (23. July 1968)

Qaboos bin Said al Said becomes Sultan of Oman after overthrowing his father, Said bin Taimur initiating massive reforms, modernization programs and end to a decade long civil war. (23. July 1970)

The United States launches Landsat 1, the first Earth-resources satellite. (23. July 1972)

The Greek military junta collapses, and former Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis is invited to lead the new government. (23. July 1974)

The International Whaling Commission decides to end commercial whaling by 1985-86. (23. July 1982)

13 Sri Lanka Army soldiers are killed after a deadly ambush by the militant Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. (23. July 1983)

Gimli Glider: Air Canada Flight 143 runs out of fuel and makes a deadstick landing at Gimli, Manitoba. (23. July 1983)

Vanessa Williams becomes the first Miss America to resign when she surrenders her crown after nude photos of her appeared in Penthouse magazine. (23. July 1984)

In London, England, Prince Andrew, Duke of York marries Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey. (23. July 1986)

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