Find out who all were born in the 18. century

Swedish naturalist Fredrik Hasselqvist was born 3. January 1722. (died 1752)

Indian activist Veerapandiya Kattabomman was born 3. January 1760. (died 1799)

American soldier John Storm was born 3. January 1760. (died 1835)

Polish archbishop Antoni Melchior Fijałkowski was born 3. January 1778. (died 1861)

American activist Lucretia Mott was born 3. January 1793. (died 1880)

Italian composer, violinist, and organist Giovanni Battista Pergolesi was born 4. January 1710. (died 1736)

German organist and composer Johann Friedrich Agricola was born 4. January 1720. (died 1774)

French-English general Claude Martin was born 4. January 1735. (died 1800)

German author and philologist Jacob Grimm was born 4. January 1785. (died 1863)

2nd Viscount Barrington, English politician William Barrington was born 5. January 1717. (died 1793)

German wife of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Constanze Mozart was born 5. January 1762. (died 1842)

French economist Jean-Baptiste Say was born 5. January 1767. (died 1832)

American general and explorer Zebulon Pike was born 5. January 1778. (died 1813)

American soldier Stephen Decatur was born 5. January 1779. (died 1820)

Spanish composer José de Nebra was born 6. January 1702. (died 1768)

English physician Percivall Pott was born 6. January 1714. (died 1788)

French inventor, co-invented the hot air balloon Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier was born 6. January 1745. (died 1799)

Hungarian author Mihály Fazekas was born 6. January 1766. (died 1828)

Greek historian and philologist Andreas Mustoxydis was born 6. January 1785. (died 1860)

American politician, 18th United States Secretary of War James Madison Porter was born 6. January 1793. (died 1862)

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