Find out who all died from January to October 2003

American actress and director Florence Stanley died 3. October 2003. (born 1924)

English clarinet player Jack Brymer died 15. September 2003. (born 1915)

English philosopher Bernard Williams died 10. June 2003. (born 1929)

American actor Jack Elam died 20. October 2003. (born 1918)

Pakistani politician, Prime Minister of Pakistan Malik Meraj Khalid died 13. June 2003. (born 1916)

American baseball player Steve Bechler died 17. February 2003. (born 1979)

American singer and radio host Rosalie Allen died 24. September 2003. (born 1924)

Italian actor Alberto Sordi died 25. February 2003. (born 1920)

Welsh politician Phil Williams died 10. June 2003. (born 1939)

American politician, 29th Governor of Minnesota Orville Freeman died 20. February 2003. (born 1918)

American lawyer and politician Louise Day Hicks died 21. October 2003. (born 1916)

American race car driver Tony Renna died 22. October 2003. (born 1976)

Czech-Australian violinist Jan Sedivka died 23. August 2003. (born 1917)

French author Cecile de Brunhoff died 7. April 2003. (born 1903)

American horse rider and manager Honey Craven died 22. July 2003. (born 1904)

New Zealand runner John Davies died 21. July 2003. (born 1938)

Salvadorian general and politician, President of El Salvador Fidel Sánchez Hernández died 28. February 2003. (born 1917)

American general, lawyer, and politician, 103rd Governor of South Carolina Strom Thurmond died 26. June 2003. (born 1902)

Thai-English businessman, founded the Osborne Computer Corporation Adam Osborne died 18. March 2003. (born 1939)

American actress and singer Nell Carter died 23. January 2003. (born 1948)

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