Find out who all died from January to May 2008

American actress Beverlee McKinsey died 2. May 2008. (born 1940)

Jamaican singer-songwriter and producer Mikey Dread died 15. March 2008. (born 1954)

American composer and theorist Frank Lewin died 18. January 2008. (born 1925)

Kuwaiti ruler, Emir of Kuwait Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah died 13. May 2008. (born 1930)

English television host and producer Jeremy Beadle died 30. January 2008. (born 1948)

American guitarist Chalmers Alford died 24. March 2008. (born 1955)

American author Robert Asprin died 22. May 2008. (born 1946)

American meteorologist Dick Fletcher died 26. February 2008. (born 1942)

Swedish drummer Ola Brunkert died 16. March 2008. (born 1946)

Canadian ice hockey player Luc Bourdon died 29. May 2008. (born 1987)

American singer-songwriter (The Rambos) Dottie Rambo died 11. May 2008. (born 1934)

Canadian businessman Ed Chynoweth died 22. April 2008. (born 1941)

Caribbean-French poet and politician Aimé Césaire died 17. April 2008. (born 1913)

Mexican actor Miguel Galván died 14. April 2008. (born 1957)

Canadian diplomat and author Geoffrey Pearson died 18. March 2008. (born 1927)

English singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer (The Dave Clark Five) Mike Smith died 28. February 2008. (born 1943)

American actor Roy Scheider died 10. February 2008. (born 1932)

English race car driver, winner of 1953 24 Hours of Le Mans Tony Rolt died 6. February 2008. (born 1918)

Lithuanian singer-songwriter and actor Vytautas Kernagis died 15. March 2008. (born 1951)

American composer and conductor Alexander Courage died 15. May 2008. (born 1919)

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