Find out who all died from February to June 1955

Croatian-Yugoslav politician, 23rd Prime Minister of Yugoslavia Ivan Šubašić died 22. March 1955. (born 1892)

Indian conservationist, colonel, and author Jim Corbett died 19. April 1955. (born 1875)

Soviet general Vasili Blokhin died 3. February 1955. (born 1895)

English Salvation Army officer Kate Booth died 9. May 1955. (born 1858)

American saxophonist and composer Charlie Parker died 12. March 1955. (born 1920)

Scottish-Australian painter Max Meldrum died 6. June 1955. (born 1875)

Canadian-American boxer Tommy Burns died 10. May 1955. (born 1881)

American race car driver Bill Vukovich died 30. May 1955. (born 1918)

Scottish biologist, pharmacologist, and botanist, Nobel Prize laureate Alexander Fleming died 11. March 1955. (born 1881)

French priest and philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin died 10. April 1955. (born 1881)

French poet and playwright Paul Claudel died 23. February 1955. (born 1868)

German-American businessman, founded Oscar Mayer Oscar F. Mayer died 11. March 1955. (born 1859)

Canadian painter Ozias Leduc died 16. June 1955. (born 1864)

German-American physicist Albert Einstein died 18. April 1955. (born 1879)

Scottish politician David Kirkwood died 16. April 1955. (born 1872)

American pianist, composer, and conductor Harl McDonald died 30. March 1955. (born 1899)

English cricketer Gilbert Laird Jessop died 11. May 1955. (born 1874)

American murderer Barbara Graham died 3. June 1955. (born 1923)

French-Russian painter Nicolas de Staël died 16. March 1955. (born 1914)

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