Find out who all died from March to May 1979

French talent manager Bruno Coquatrix died 1. April 1979. (born 1910)

Dominican-English author Jean Rhys died 14. May 1979. (born 1890)

English footballer Ted Anderson died 23. March 1979. (born 1911)

American actress and pilot Gladys McConnell died 4. March 1979. (born 1905)

Iraqi-Kurdistan politician Mustafa Barzani died 1. March 1979. (born 1903)

Romanian singer Ileana Sărăroiu died 12. May 1979. (born 1936)

Iranian general Nader Jahanbani died 12. March 1979. (born 1928)

American mountaineer Willi Unsoeld died 4. March 1979. (born 1926)

English actor Richard Beckinsale died 19. March 1979. (born 1947)

English soldier and politician Airey Neave died 30. March 1979. (born 1916)

Czech-Israeli scientist, mystic, and author Itzhak Bentov died 25. May 1979. (born 1923)

1st Baron Sinclair of Cleeve, English businessman and public servant Robert Sinclair died 4. March 1979. (born 1893)

Irish-American actor George Brent died 26. May 1979. (born 1899)

Russian biologist Eugène Gabritschevsky died 5. April 1979. (born 1893)

New Zealand-English activist probably unlawfully killed by the Metropitan Police Blair Peach died 23. April 1979. (born 1946)

American author and illustrator Hardie Gramatky died 29. April 1979. (born 1907)

Canadian-American banker, businessman, and philanthropist Cyrus S. Eaton died 9. May 1979. (born 1883)

American murderer John Spenkelink died 25. May 1979. (born 1949)

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