Find out who all died from March to August 1968

American guitarist (Montgomery Brothers) Wes Montgomery died 15. June 1968. (born 1925)

American singer-songwriter Little Willie John died 26. May 1968. (born 1937)

Scottish race car driver Jim Clark died 7. April 1968. (born 1936)

American author Bray Hammond died 20. July 1968. (born 1886)

English actress Patricia Jessel died 10. June 1968. (born 1920)

Belgian physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate Corneille Heymans died 18. July 1968. (born 1892)

Jr., American minister and activist, Nobel Prize laureate Martin Luther King died 4. April 1968. (born 1929)

English actor, producer, and screenwriter Tony Hancock died 24. June 1968. (born 1924)

American author, poet, and playwright Mercedes de Acosta died 9. May 1968. (born 1893)

American author and playwright Edna Ferber died 16. April 1968. (born 1885)

Italian-American composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco died 16. March 1968. (born 1895)

Azerbaijani-Russian physicist, Nobel Prize laureate Lev Landau died 1. April 1968. (born 1908)

Canadian pianist and composer André Mathieu died 2. June 1968. (born 1929)

Scottish actor Finlay Currie died 9. May 1968. (born 1878)

American actress Dorothy Gish died 4. June 1968. (born 1898)

Ukrainian-American physicist and cosmologist George Gamow died 19. August 1968. (born 1904)

Canadian-American ice hockey player, coach, and manager Jack Adams died 1. May 1968. (born 1895)

German field marshal Georg von Küchler died 25. May 1968. (born 1881)

Canadian journalist and politician André Laurendeau died 1. June 1968. (born 1912)

Latvian politician Gustavs Celmiņš died 10. April 1968. (born 1899)

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