Find out who all died from March to August 1968

Uruguayan footballer and manager José Nasazzi died 17. June 1968. (born 1901)

Estonian lawyer and politician Arnold Susi died 29. May 1968. (born 1896)

American actress Dorothy Gish died 4. June 1968. (born 1898)

Ukrainian-American physicist and cosmologist George Gamow died 19. August 1968. (born 1904)

German engineer Heinrich Nordhoff died 12. April 1968. (born 1899)

English journalist and politician Randolph Churchill died 6. June 1968. (born 1911)

Estonian archeologist Harri Moora died 2. May 1968. (born 1900)

American author and activist Helen Keller died 1. June 1968. (born 1880)

Australian cricketer Stan McCabe died 25. August 1968. (born 1910)

Australian author and journalist Bernard Cronin died 9. June 1968. (born 1884)

American boxer and actor Johnny Indrisano died 6. July 1968. (born 1906)

American record producer Stephen H. Sholes died 22. April 1968. (born 1911)

American actor and screenwriter William Talman died 30. August 1968. (born 1915)

American author, poet, and playwright Mercedes de Acosta died 9. May 1968. (born 1893)

Italian-American composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco died 16. March 1968. (born 1895)

American baseball player Grover Lowdermilk died 31. March 1968. (born 1885)

English actress Patricia Jessel died 10. June 1968. (born 1920)

American politician, 64th United States Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy died 6. June 1968. (born 1925)

English pharmacologist and physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate Henry Hallett Dale died 23. July 1968. (born 1875)

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