Find out who all died from March to August 1968

Italian-American composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco died 16. March 1968. (born 1895)

American baseball player Al Benton died 14. April 1968. (born 1911)

Greek politician, 164th Prime Minister of Greece Ilias Tsirimokos died 14. July 1968. (born 1907)

American author and illustrator Elizabeth Enright died 8. June 1968. (born 1909)

American baseball player, coach, and umpire Sam Crawford died 15. June 1968. (born 1880)

American journalist and author Edwin O`Connor died 23. March 1968. (born 1918)

American admiral Husband E. Kimmel died 14. May 1968. (born 1882)

German engineer Heinrich Nordhoff died 12. April 1968. (born 1899)

Russian pilot and astronaut Yuri Gagarin died 27. March 1968. (born 1934)

English journalist and politician Randolph Churchill died 6. June 1968. (born 1911)

American cartoonist, created Little Orphan Annie Harold Gray died 9. May 1968. (born 1894)

Italian author and poet, Nobel Prize Laureate Salvatore Quasimodo died 14. June 1968. (born 1901)

Danish actress Ingeborg Spangsfeldt died 21. June 1968. (born 1895)

American guitarist (The Tennessee Three) Luther Perkins died 5. August 1968. (born 1928)

English pharmacologist and physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate Henry Hallett Dale died 23. July 1968. (born 1875)

Canadian journalist and politician André Laurendeau died 1. June 1968. (born 1912)

American actor Dan Duryea died 7. June 1968. (born 1907)

English motorcycle road racer John Hartle died 31. August 1968. (born 1933)

American actor Scotty Beckett died 10. May 1968. (born 1929)

American actor and screenwriter William Talman died 30. August 1968. (born 1915)

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