Find out who all died from June to October 1925

Czech-Austrian composer Leo Fall died 16. September 1925. (born 1873)

Indian politician Chittaranjan Das died 16. June 1925. (born 1870)

Austrian field marshal Count Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf died 25. August 1925. (born 1852)

Romanian journalist Ioan Slavici died 17. August 1925. (born 1848)

Filipino boxer Francisco Guilledo died 14. July 1925. (born 1901)

German mathematician and philosopher Gottlob Frege died 26. July 1925. (born 1848)

French pianist and composer Erik Satie died 1. July 1925. (born 1866)

American lawyer and politician, 41st United States Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan died 26. July 1925. (born 1860)

Austrian physician Josef Breuer died 20. June 1925. (born 1842)

Estonian painter Konrad Mägi died 15. August 1925. (born 1878)

German mathematician Felix Klein died 22. June 1925. (born 1849)

Australian cricketer William Bruce died 3. August 1925. (born 1864)

American baseball player and manager Christy Mathewson died 7. October 1925. (born 1880)

Canadian cardinal Louis-Nazaire Bégin died 18. July 1925. (born 1840)

American cornet player (New Orleans Rhythm Kings) Emmett Hardy died 16. June 1925. (born 1903)

Russian physicist and mathematician Alexander Friedmann died 16. September 1925. (born 1888)

German-American painter and illustrator Carl Eytel died 17. September 1925. (born 1862)

French politician, 64th Prime Minister of France, Nobel Prize laureate Léon Bourgeois died 29. September 1925. (born 1851)

Italian race car driver Antonio Ascari died 26. July 1925. (born 1888)

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