Find out who all died from June to September 2013

Canadian-American super-centenarian James McCoubrey died 5. July 2013. (born 1901)

English chemist Alan Carrington died 31. August 2013. (born 1934)

Spanish screenwriter and producer Elías Querejeta died 9. June 2013. (born 1934)

French bishop Léon Aimé Taverdet died 8. August 2013. (born 1923)

Italian murderer Maria Pasquinelli died 3. July 2013. (born 1913)

Ecuadorian author and poet Rafael Díaz Ycaza died 28. August 2013. (born 1925)

Argentinian actor Duilio Marzio died 25. July 2013. (born 1923)

Nigerian politician Akpor Pius Ewherido died 30. June 2013. (born 1963)

Thai-French lawyer Jacques Vergès died 15. August 2013. (born 1925)

Italian cardinal Ersilio Tonini died 28. July 2013. (born 1914)

American computer scientist John T. Riedl died 15. July 2013. (born 1962)

French-American author and illustrator Marc Simont died 13. July 2013. (born 1915)

American educator and politician Kathryn Morrison died 30. June 2013. (born 1942)

American singer Gia Maione died 23. September 2013. (born 1941)

American wrestler Matt Osborne died 28. June 2013. (born 1957)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist Texas Johnny Brown died 1. July 2013. (born 1928)

Belgian mathematician and control theorist Jan Camiel Willems died 31. August 2013. (born 1939)

American record producer Sid Bernstein died 21. August 2013. (born 1918)

Indian singer Raghunath Panigrahi died 25. August 2013. (born 1932)

Greek lawyer and politician Efstathios Alexandris died 20. July 2013. (born 1921)

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