Find out who all died from June to September 2013

German actor Otto Sander died 12. September 2013. (born 1941)

Welsh-American soccer player and manager Phil Woosnam died 19. July 2013. (born 1932)

American animator Ron Dias died 30. July 2013. (born 1937)

American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate Jerome Karle died 6. June 2013. (born 1918)

Canadian pianist and conductor Mario Bernardi died 2. June 2013. (born 1930)

English rugby player Albert Naughton died 27. September 2013. (born 1929)

Nigerian footballer Thompson Oliha died 30. June 2013. (born 1968)

American baseball player and umpire Frank Pulli died 28. August 2013. (born 1935)

American actor and screenwriter Elliott Reid died 21. June 2013. (born 1920)

American author Carolyn Cassady died 20. September 2013. (born 1923)

American author Amy Wallace died 10. August 2013. (born 1955)

American actress and singer Jane Connell died 22. September 2013. (born 1925)

American author Patricia Anthony died 2. August 2013. (born 1947)

Baron Campbell of Alloway, English lawyer and judge Alan Campbell died 30. June 2013. (born 1917)

Irish hurler Pa Dillon died 14. June 2013. (born 1938)

English footballer Barry Hancock died 10. September 2013. (born 1938)

American judge Green Wix Unthank died 25. June 2013. (born 1923)

Argentinian race car driver José Froilán González died 15. June 2013. (born 1922)

American journalist and author Helen Thomas died 20. July 2013. (born 1920)

Spanish footballer and coach Enrique Orizaola died 10. June 2013. (born 1922)

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