Find out who all died from August to September 2005

American actor and singer Bob Denver died 2. September 2005. (born 1935)

Austrian mountaineer Marcus Schmuck died 21. August 2005. (born 1925)

Israeli poet Dahlia Ravikovitch died 21. August 2005. (born 1936)

Indonesian-German actress and singer Ilse Werner died 8. August 2005. (born 1921)

American journalist and author Steven Vincent died 2. August 2005. (born 1955)

French-Italian composer Luc Ferrari died 22. August 2005. (born 1929)

Russian-American psychologist Urie Bronfenbrenner died 25. September 2005. (born 1917)

American lawyer, judge, and politician Constance Baker Motley died 28. September 2005. (born 1921)

Filipino lawyer and politician Raul Roco died 5. August 2005. (born 1941)

American race car driver Coo Coo Marlin died 14. August 2005. (born 1932)

Canadian businesswoman and philanthropist Madeline-Ann Aksich died 25. September 2005. (born 1956)

American composer Alfred Reed died 17. September 2005. (born 1921)

Swiss monk and mystic Frère Roger died 16. August 2005. (born 1915)

Sri Lankan broadcaster Relangi Selvarajah died 12. August 2005. (born 1960)

Hungarian-Australian mathematician George Szekeres died 28. August 2005. (born 1911)

Russian-American physicist Anatoly Larkin died 4. August 2005. (born 1932)

American singer and guitarist Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown died 10. September 2005. (born 1924)

American physician and academic William Berenberg died 14. September 2005. (born 1915)

American chemist and metallurgist Ernest Kirkendall died 22. August 2005. (born 1914)

American tenor Martin Dillon died 21. August 2005. (born 1957)

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