Find out who all died from August to September 2005

English race car driver Michael Park died 18. September 2005. (born 1966)

Chilean general Roberto Viaux died 5. September 2005. (born 1917)

Canadian businesswoman and philanthropist Madeline-Ann Aksich died 25. September 2005. (born 1956)

American businessman, founded Moog Music Robert Moog died 21. August 2005. (born 1934)

American composer Alfred Reed died 17. September 2005. (born 1921)

American singer (Kalin Twins) Hal Kalin died 24. August 2005. (born 1934)

American psychiatrist and author M. Scott Peck died 25. September 2005. (born 1936)

French actor Jacques Dufilho died 28. August 2005. (born 1914)

Puerto Rican activist Filiberto Ojeda Ríos died 23. September 2005. (born 1933)

French journalist and critic Jacques Lacarrière died 17. September 2005. (born 1925)

Italian cinematographer Tonino Delli Colli died 16. August 2005. (born 1922)

Hungarian politician, Minister of Finance of Hungary Iván Szabó died 4. August 2005. (born 1934)

Scottish-English actor Michael Sheard died 31. August 2005. (born 1940)

Canadian guitarist and songwriter (Voivod) Denis D`Amour died 26. August 2005. (born 1960)

Australian journalist, author, and critic Donald Horne died 8. September 2005. (born 1921)

American guitarist Al Casey died 11. September 2005. (born 1915)

Cuban singer (Buena Vista Social Club) Ibrahim Ferrer died 6. August 2005. (born 1927)

American race car driver Coo Coo Marlin died 14. August 2005. (born 1932)

New Zealand lawyer and politician, 32nd Prime Minister of New Zealand David Lange died 13. August 2005. (born 1942)

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