Find out who all are born from April to July 1899

Latvian politician and educator Gustavs Celmiņš was born 1. April 1899. (died 1968)

English footballer and manager David Jack was born 3. April 1899. (died 1958)

Italian super-centenarian Maria Redaelli was born 3. April 1899. (died 2013)

German-Israeli botanist Hillel Oppenheimer was born 4. April 1899. (died 1971)

American surgeon Alfred Blalock was born 5. April 1899. (died 1964)

American super-centenarian Elsie Thompson was born 5. April 1899. (died 2013)

French pianist and composer Robert Casadesus was born 7. April 1899. (died 1972)

American chemist Percy Lavon Julian was born 11. April 1899. (died 1975)

American architect and game designer, created Scrabble Alfred Mosher Butts was born 13. April 1899. (died 1993)

Polish chemist and educator Osman Achmatowicz was born 16. April 1899. (died 1988)

Estonian decathlete and coach Aleksander Klumberg was born 17. April 1899. (died 1958)

American actor George O`Brien was born 19. April 1899. (died 1985)

Victoria Cross recipient Alan Arnett McLeod Canadian lieutenant was born 20. April 1899. (died 1918)

Russian-American author Vladimir Nabokov was born 22. April 1899. (died 1977)

Swedish economist, Nobel Prize laureate Bertil Ohlin was born 23. April 1899. (died 1979)

Japanese scientist, inventor of Yakult Minoru Shirota was born 23. April 1899. (died 1982)

Russian-American mathematician Oscar Zariski was born 24. April 1899. (died 1986)

American animator, producer, screenwriter, and actor Walter Lantz was born 27. April 1899. (died 1994)

Canadian politician Douglas Abbott was born 29. April 1899. (died 1987)

American pianist, composer, and bandleader Duke Ellington was born 29. April 1899. (died 1974)

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