Find out who all are born from June to September 1877

French painter Raoul Dufy was born 3. June 1877. (died 1953)

German chemist, Nobel Prize laureate Heinrich Otto Wieland was born 4. June 1877. (died 1957)

Canadian-American sailor, Medal of Honor recipient Willard Miller was born 5. June 1877. (died 1959)

Dutch rower Roelof Klein was born 7. June 1877. (died 1960)

English-French poet Renée Vivien was born 11. June 1877. (died 1909)

American admiral and politician Thomas C. Hart was born 12. June 1877. (died 1971)

French soprano Jane Bathori was born 14. June 1877. (died 1970)

American painter and illustrator James Montgomery Flagg was born 18. June 1877. (died 1960)

American actor and singer Charles Coburn was born 19. June 1877. (died 1961)

Indian-English hurdler and actor Norman Pritchard was born 23. June 1877. (died 1929)

Dutch rower Ruurd Leegstra was born 29. June 1877. (died 1933)

German-Swiss author and poet, Nobel Prize laureate Hermann Hesse was born 2. July 1877. (died 1962)

English cricketer Arthur Fielder was born 19. July 1877. (died 1949)

Italian horse rider Gian Giorgio Trissino was born 22. July 1877. (died 1963)

Italian mobster Calogero Vizzini was born 24. July 1877. (died 1954)

Hungarian pianist, composer, and conductor Ernő Dohnányi was born 27. July 1877. (died 1960)

French cyclist Auguste Daumain was born 31. July 1877.

Estonian-English wrestler and strongman George Hackenschmidt was born 1. August 1877. (died 1968)

Canadian painter Tom Thomson was born 5. August 1877. (died 1917)

Jr., American politician Wallace H. White was born 6. August 1877. (died 1952)

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