Find out who all is died in 13. century

Byzantine emperor Alexios IV Angelos died 8. February 1204. (born 1182)

Count of Artois Robert I died 8. February 1250. (born 1216)

English martyr William II Longespée died 8. February 1250. (born 1212)

Mongol ruler Hulagu Khan died 8. February 1265. (born 1217)

Countess of Flanders Margaret II died 10. February 1278. (born 1202)

Japanese shogun Minamoto no Sanetomo died 13. February 1219. (born 1192)

Manx king Ragnvald Godredsson died 14. February 1229.

Landgrave of Thuringia Henry Raspe died 16. February 1247. (born 1204)

Master of the Livonian Order Otto von Lutterberg died 16. February 1270. (born unknown)

Mongolian emperor Kublai Khan died 18. February 1294. (born 1215)

Iraqi caliph Al-Musta`sim died 20. February 1258. (born 1213)

Welsh king Dafydd ap Llywelyn died 25. February 1246. (born 1212)

King of Sicily Manfred died 26. February 1266. (born 1232)

Duke of Brabant Henry III died 28. February 1261. (born 1230)

Japanese religious reformer Honen died 29. February 1212. (born 1133)

Count of Savoy Thomas I died 1. March 1233. (born 1178)

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