See all who died on 11. June

English cricketer William Attewell died 11. June 1927. (born 1861)

Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky died 11. June 1934. (born 1896)

American author Robert E. Howard died 11. June 1936. (born 1906)

English engineer, designed the Supermarine Spitfire R. J. Mitchell died 11. June 1937. (born 1895)

American author and illustrator, founded the Boy Scouts of America Daniel Carter Beard died 11. June 1941. (born 1850)

Indian actor Chhabi Biswas died 11. June 1962. (born 1900)

Vietnamese monk Thich Quang Duc died 11. June 1963. (born 1897)

Portuguese admiral and politician, 9th President of Portugal José Mendes Cabeçadas died 11. June 1965. (born 1883)

American missionary Frank Laubach died 11. June 1970. (born 1884)

Brazilian marshal and politician, 16th President of Brazil Eurico Gaspar Dutra died 11. June 1974. (born 1883)

Italian philosopher Julius Evola died 11. June 1974. (born 1898)

American baseball player Jim Konstanty died 11. June 1976. (born 1917)

Trinidadian-American author Alice Dalgliesh died 11. June 1979. (born 1893)

American actor, director, and producer John Wayne died 11. June 1979. (born 1907)

American singer-songwriter (The Rhythm Boys) Al Rinker died 11. June 1982. (born 1907)

Indian businessman Ghanshyam Das Birla died 11. June 1983. (born 1894)

Italian politician Enrico Berlinguer died 11. June 1984. (born 1922)

Greek actress Sapfo Notara died 11. June 1985. (born 1907)

American medical patient Karen Ann Quinlan died 11. June 1985. (born 1954)

American painter and illustrator Chesley Bonestell died 11. June 1986. (born 1888)

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