See all who died on 15. May

Ukrainian-Russian painter Kazimir Malevich died 15. May 1935. (born 1878)

1st Viscount Snowden, English politician, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Snowden died 15. May 1937. (born 1864)

English author, poet, and critic Charles Williams died 15. May 1945. (born 1886)

Irish-American priest, founded Boys Town Edward J. Flanagan died 15. May 1948. (born 1886)

American author William March died 15. May 1954. (born 1893)

English painter and magician Austin Osman Spare died 15. May 1956. (born 1886)

Canadian ice hockey player and coach Dick Irvin died 15. May 1957. (born 1892)

Croatian politician Vladko Maček died 15. May 1964. (born 1879)

Italian entrepreneur Pio Pion died 15. May 1965. (born 1887)

American painter Edward Hopper died 15. May 1967. (born 1882)

Canadian ice hockey player Joe Malone died 15. May 1969. (born 1890)

English director, producer, and playwright Tyrone Guthrie died 15. May 1971. (born 1900)

Australian lawyer and politician, 12th Prime Minister of Australia Robert Menzies died 15. May 1978. (born 1894)

American author Gordon Prange died 15. May 1980. (born 1910)

American race car driver Gordon Smiley died 15. May 1982. (born 1946)

American theologian, philosopher, and pastor Francis Schaeffer died 15. May 1984. (born 1912)

Italian race car driver Elio de Angelis died 15. May 1986. (born 1958)

American historian, journalist, and author Theodore H. White died 15. May 1986. (born 1915)

American composer and conductor Johnny Green died 15. May 1989. (born 1908)

Canadian author and ethnographer Luc Lacourcière died 15. May 1989. (born 1910)

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