See all who died on 7. July

Italian architect, designed the Church of the Gesu and Villa Farnese Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola died 7. July 1573. (born 1507)

Malian scholar Mohammed Bagayogo died 7. July 1593. (born 1523)

English minister, founded the Colony of Connecticut Thomas Hooker died 7. July 1647. (born 1586)

American judge and politician, Governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay William Stoughton died 7. July 1701. (born 1631)

English bishop Henry Compton died 7. July 1713. (born 1632)

Tsarevich of Russia Alexei Petrovich died 7. July 1718. (born 1690)

French pirate Olivier Levasseur died 7. July 1730. (born 1690)

1st Earl of Bath, English politician William Pulteney died 7. July 1764. (born 1683)

English scholar Jeremiah Markland died 7. July 1776. (born 1693)

Dutch philosopher Fran├žois Hemsterhuis died 7. July 1790. (born 1721)

Irish playwright and poet Richard Brinsley Sheridan died 7. July 1816. (born 1751)

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