See all who died in 1999.

Australian missionary Graham Staines died 22. January 1999. (born 1941)

Italian director and cinematographer Joe D`Amato died 23. January 1999. (born 1936)

American businessman Jay Pritzker died 23. January 1999. (born 1922)

Jamaican singer-songwriter Lincoln Thompson died 23. January 1999. (born 1949)

American author and educator Sarah Louise Delany died 25. January 1999. (born 1889)

American radio and television announcer Ted Mallie died 25. January 1999. (born 1924)

American conductor Robert Shaw died 25. January 1999. (born 1916)

Irish painter Markey Robinson died 28. January 1999. (born 1918)

Swedish sociologist and philosopher Torgny Torgnysson Segerstedt died 28. January 1999. (born 1908)

Russian composer Valery Gavrilin died 28. January 1999. (born 1939)

American model and dancer Lili St. Cyr died 29. January 1999. (born 1918)

American actor Huntz Hall died 30. January 1999. (born 1919)

American journalist Ed Herlihy died 30. January 1999. (born 1909)

Japanese wrestler, co-founded All Japan Pro Wrestling Shohei Baba died 31. January 1999. (born 1938)

Turkish singer-songwriter (Moğollar and Kurtalan Ekspres) Barış Manço died 31. January 1999. (born 1943)

American baseball player Norm Zauchin died 31. January 1999. (born 1929)

Canadian baseball player Paul Calvert died 1. February 1999. (born 1917)

American philanthropist Paul Mellon died 1. February 1999. (born 1907)

Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Triffids and The Blackeyed Susans) David McComb died 2. February 1999. (born 1962)

Russian economist, Nobel Prize laureate Wassily Leontief died 5. February 1999. (born 1906)

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