See all who died in 2008.

American radio host and producer Johnny Grant died 9. January 2008. (born 1923)

Iranian journalist Mehran Ghassemi died 9. January 2008. (born 1977)

English businessman and television host John Harvey-Jones died 9. January 2008. (born 1924)

American figure skater Christopher Bowman died 10. January 2008. (born 1967)

Russian soldier Mikhail Minin died 10. January 2008. (born 1922)

Finnish-American actress Maila Nurmi died 10. January 2008. (born 1921)

New Zealand mountaineer and explorer Edmund Hillary died 11. January 2008. (born 1919)

American businessman, co-founded Carl`s Jr. Carl Karcher died 11. January 2008. (born 1917)

Latvian-Lithuanian tenor Sergej Larin died 13. January 2008. (born 1956)

American baseball player Johnny Podres died 13. January 2008. (born 1932)

American physician, biologist, and academic Judah Folkman died 14. January 2008. (born 1933)

American historian, author, and academic Robert V. Bruce died 15. January 2008. (born 1923)

English video game designer Mark Haigh-Hutchinson died 15. January 2008. (born 1964)

American actor Brad Renfro died 15. January 2008. (born 1982)

American chess player and author Bobby Fischer died 17. January 2008. (born 1943)

American football player Ernie Holmes died 17. January 2008. (born 1948)

American actor Allan Melvin died 17. January 2008. (born 1923)

French singer and actor Carlos died 17. January 2008. (born 1943)

American businesswoman Georgia Frontiere died 18. January 2008. (born 1927)

American composer and theorist Frank Lewin died 18. January 2008. (born 1925)

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