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The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, used by several pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations, notably the Mayans, begins. (13. August 3114. BC)

Octavian holds the first of three consecutive triumphs in Rome to celebrate the victory over the Dalmatian tribes. (13. August 29. BC)

John I becomes the new Pope after the death of Pope Hormisdas. (13. August 523)

Emperor Justinian I rewards Liberius for his long and distinguished service in the Pragmatic Sanction, granting him extensive estates in Italy. (13. August 554)

Maurice becomes Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire. (13. August 582)

Count Reginar I of Hainault rises against Zwentibold of Lotharingia and slays him near present-day Susteren. (13. August 900)

Pope Paschal II succeeds Pope Urban II as the 160th pope. (13. August 1099)

The Treaty of Noyon between France and Spain is signed. Francis I of France recognizes Charles's claim to Naples, and Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, recognizes Francis's claim to Milan. (13. August 1516)

After an extended siege, forces led by Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés capture Tlatoani Cuauhtémoc and conquer the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. (13. August 1521)

Union of Brittany and France: The Duchy of Brittany is absorbed into the Kingdom of France. (13. August 1532)

Buddhist monks from Kyoto, Japan's Enryaku-ji temple set fire to 21 Nichiren temples throughout in what will be known as the Tenbun Hokke Disturbance. (Traditional Japanese date: July 27, 1536). (13. August 1536)

Michael Servetus is arrested by John Calvin in Geneva, Switzerland as a heretic. (13. August 1553)

The French king Louis XIII appoints Cardinal Richelieu as prime minister (13. August 1624)

War of the Spanish Succession: Battle of Blenheim – English and Imperial forces are victorious over French and Bavarian troops. (13. August 1704)

King Louis XVI of France is formally arrested by the National Tribunal, and declared an enemy of the people. (13. August 1792)

Battle of Mišar during the Serbian Revolution begins. The battle will end two days later, with a decisive Serbian victory over the Ottomans. (13. August 1806)

The Convention of London, a treaty between the United Kingdom and the United Provinces, is signed in London, England. (13. August 1814)

Nat Turner sees a solar eclipse, which he believes is a sign from God. Eight days later he and 70 other slaves kill approximately 55 whites in Southampton County, Virginia. (13. August 1831)

A massive earthquake near Arica, Peru, causes an estimated 25,000 casualties, and the subsequent tsunami causes considerable damage as far away as Hawaii and New Zealand. (13. August 1868)

Spanish–American War: Spanish and American forces engaged in a mock battle for Manila, after which the Spanish commander surrendered in order to keep the city out of Filipino rebel hands. (13. August 1898)

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