Find out who all died from November to December 1998

Baron Hunt, English colonel, mountaineer, and academic John Hunt died 8. November 1998. (born 1910)

American actress Esther Rolle died 17. November 1998. (born 1920)

American actress Ruth Clifford died 30. November 1998. (born 1900)

Italian-American author and illustrator Joe Orlando died 23. December 1998. (born 1927)

American philanthropist and politician, Mayor of Dallas Annette Strauss died 14. December 1998. (born 1924)

English actor George Webb died 30. December 1998. (born 1911)

English author and poet Rumer Godden died 8. November 1998. (born 1907)

American philosopher and academic Nelson Goodman died 25. November 1998. (born 1906)

American biochemist and endocrinologist, Nobel Prize laureate Martin Rodbell died 7. December 1998. (born 1925)

American author William Gaddis died 16. December 1998. (born 1922)

American director, producer, and screenwriter Alan J. Pakula died 19. November 1998. (born 1928)

American wrestling promoter, co-founded the National Wrestling Alliance Sam Muchnick died 30. December 1998. (born 1905)

English footballer Roy Hollis died 12. November 1998. (born 1925)

English cinematographer Freddie Young died 1. December 1998. (born 1902)

English snooker player John Pulman died 25. December 1998. (born 1926)

American singer (The Drifters) Johnny Moore died 30. December 1998. (born 1934)

American journalist Jonathan Kwitny died 26. November 1998. (born 1941)

Russian ethnographer and politician Galina Starovoytova died 20. November 1998. (born 1946)

Russian colonel, pilot, and astronaut Lev Dyomin died 18. December 1998. (born 1926)

French actress Edwige Feuillère died 13. November 1998. (born 1907)

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