Find out who all died from January to May 2008

Belgian race car driver and journalist Paul Frère died 23. February 2008. (born 1917)

Chinese actor Charles Chan died 25. February 2008. (born 1914)

New Zealand mountaineer and explorer Edmund Hillary died 11. January 2008. (born 1919)

Scottish footballer and manager Tommy Burns died 15. May 2008. (born 1956)

English journalist and author George MacDonald Fraser died 2. January 2008. (born 1925)

Colombian cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo died 19. April 2008. (born 1935)

American dog Zeltim Odie Peterson died 31. January 2008. (born 1997)

English-Australian journalist John Cargher died 30. April 2008. (born 1919)

Indian actor Raghuvaran died 19. March 2008. (born 1958)

American winemaker, co-founded the Opus One Winery Robert Mondavi died 16. May 2008. (born 1913)

South African actress Ashley Callie died 15. February 2008. (born 1976)

American actress Beverlee McKinsey died 2. May 2008. (born 1940)

Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist Jeff Healey died 2. March 2008. (born 1966)

American actor Charlton Heston died 5. April 2008. (born 1923)

American painter Joseph Solman died 16. April 2008. (born 1909)

American poet and academic Robert Fagles died 26. March 2008. (born 1933)

American singer-songwriter and poet Utah Phillips died 23. May 2008. (born 1935)

American illustrator Will Elder died 14. May 2008. (born 1921)

American rapper and producer (Playa) Static Major died 25. February 2008. (born 1974)

American rapper and producer (The Weathermen) Camu Tao died 25. May 2008. (born 1977)

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