Find out who all died from January to September 2003

Welsh scientist David Kelly died 17. July 2003. (born 1944)

American singer-songwriter and actor Sheb Wooley died 16. September 2003. (born 1921)

German rabbi and philosopher Emil Fackenheim died 18. September 2003. (born 1916)

Canadian-American actress Erin Fleming died 15. April 2003. (born 1941)

Thai-English businessman, founded the Osborne Computer Corporation Adam Osborne died 18. March 2003. (born 1939)

German politician Jürgen Möllemann died 5. June 2003. (born 1945)

French chef Bernard Loiseau died 24. February 2003. (born 1951)

English physicist and spy Alan Nunn May died 12. January 2003. (born 1911)

English computer scientist Roger Needham died 28. February 2003. (born 1935)

Canadian activist Barb Tarbox died 18. May 2003. (born 1961)

American baseball player and journalist Art Houtteman died 6. May 2003. (born 1927)

Dutch runner Willem Slijkhuis died 28. June 2003. (born 1923)

American ornithologist Dean Amadon died 12. January 2003. (born 1912)

Swiss-American mathematician Armand Borel died 11. August 2003. (born 1923)

Welsh politician Phil Williams died 10. June 2003. (born 1939)

Sierra Leonean commander Sam Bockarie died 5. May 2003. (born 1964)

American photographer Edgar de Evia died 10. February 2003. (born 1910)

American bodybuilder and actor Gordon Mitchell died 20. September 2003. (born 1923)

American author Sloan Wilson died 25. May 2003. (born 1920)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist Roger Voudouris died 3. August 2003. (born 1954)

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