Find out who all died from January to September 2003

American wrestling manager Miss Elizabeth died 1. May 2003. (born 1960)

Polish politician, President of Poland Henryk Jabłoński died 27. January 2003. (born 1909)

Dutch record producer Peter-Paul Pigmans died 27. August 2003. (born 1961)

American murderer Paul Jennings Hill died 3. September 2003. (born 1954)

Australian footballer and coach Jack Dyer died 23. August 2003. (born 1913)

Scottish cloned sheep Dolly died 14. February 2003. (born 1996)

Italian author and illustrator Guido Crepax died 31. July 2003. (born 1933)

English-American actor Trevor Goddard died 7. June 2003. (born 1962)

Honduran politician, President of Honduras Carlos Roberto Reina died 19. August 2003. (born 1926)

American actress Anne Gwynne died 31. March 2003. (born 1918)

American television producer, created World`s Wildest Police Videos Paul Stojanovich died 15. March 2003. (born 1956)

American lawyer, judge, and politician, 58th Lieutenant Governor of Michigan Martha Griffiths died 22. April 2003. (born 1912)

American set designer Matt Jefferies died 21. July 2003. (born 1921)

Sierra Leonean soldier, founded the Revolutionary United Front Foday Sankoh died 29. July 2003. (born 1937)

Canadian economist François-Albert Angers died 14. July 2003. (born 1909)

American cartoonist Bill Mauldin died 22. January 2003. (born 1921)

Dutch runner Willem Slijkhuis died 28. June 2003. (born 1923)

American director, producer, and screenwriter Sheldon Reynolds died 25. January 2003. (born 1923)

Danish singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer (Sir Henry and his Butlers) Tommy Seebach died 31. March 2003. (born 1949)

American actor and composer Rusty Magee died 16. February 2003. (born 1955)

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