Find out who all died from January to September 2003

American wrestler Ed Farhat died 18. January 2003. (born 1924)

English race car driver Mark Lovell died 12. July 2003. (born 1960)

Greek director and screenwriter Dinos Dimopoulos died 28. February 2003. (born 1921)

American-Canadian poet Paul Haines died 21. January 2003. (born 1933)

Welsh scientist David Kelly died 17. July 2003. (born 1944)

German biophysicist, Nobel Prize laureate Bernard Katz died 20. April 2003. (born 1911)

Namibian actor Nǃxau died 1. July 2003. (born 1944)

Irish author Brian Cleeve died 11. March 2003. (born 1921)

Polish politician, President of Poland Henryk Jabłoński died 27. January 2003. (born 1909)

Hungarian violinist and conductor Tibor Varga died 4. September 2003. (born 1921)

American economist and educator Mark Berger died 30. April 2003. (born 1955)

American singer Little Eva died 10. April 2003. (born 1943)

Iranian conjoined twins Ladan and Laleh Bijani died 8. July 2003. (born 1974)

English-American actress Wendy Hiller died 14. May 2003. (born 1912)

Iraqi politician Aqila al-Hashimi died 25. September 2003. (born 1953)

American publisher, lawyer, and politician, 47th Governor of Indiana Frank O`Bannon died 13. September 2003. (born 1930)

French singer André Claveau died 4. July 2003. (born 1915)

Australian composer Malcolm Williamson died 2. March 2003. (born 1931)

Swiss-American mathematician Armand Borel died 11. August 2003. (born 1923)

German soldier and illustrator Michael Mathias Prechtl died 19. March 2003. (born 1926)

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