Find out who all died from January to September 2003

American bodybuilder and actor Gordon Mitchell died 20. September 2003. (born 1923)

American race car driver H. B. Bailey died 17. April 2003. (born 1936)

Cuban drummer and bandleader Mongo Santamaría died 1. February 2003. (born 1922)

American singer and guitarist (Great White and Samantha 7) Ty Longley died 20. February 2003. (born 1971)

American general, lawyer, and politician, 103rd Governor of South Carolina Strom Thurmond died 26. June 2003. (born 1902)

American singer-songwriter, pianist, and activist Nina Simone died 21. April 2003. (born 1933)

Hong Kong singer-songwriter, actor, and producer Leslie Cheung died 1. April 2003. (born 1956)

American actress Karen Morley died 8. March 2003. (born 1909)

Iraqi politician Aqila al-Hashimi died 25. September 2003. (born 1953)

American journalist David Brinkley died 11. June 2003. (born 1920)

American actor Buddy Hackett died 30. June 2003. (born 1924)

Swedish politician, 39th Minister of Foreign Affairs for Sweden Anna Lindh died 11. September 2003. (born 1957)

American physician and cardiologist, created the Atkins diet Robert Atkins died 17. April 2003. (born 1930)

American singer Rusty Draper died 28. March 2003. (born 1923)

American photographer Edgar de Evia died 10. February 2003. (born 1910)

Nigerian drummer, educator, and activist Babatunde Olatunji died 6. April 2003. (born 1927)

German engineer Ludwig Bölkow died 25. July 2003. (born 1912)

Welsh scientist David Kelly died 17. July 2003. (born 1944)

Italian actor Alberto Sordi died 25. February 2003. (born 1920)

English composer Doreen Carwithen died 5. January 2003. (born 1922)

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