See all who died on 17. July

Latin bishop and poet Magnus Felix Ennodius died 17. July 521. (born 474)

English king Edward the Elder died 17. July 924. (born 877)

Count of Flanders Baldwin VI died 17. July 1070. (born 1030)

1st Earl of Shrewsbury, English commander John Talbot died 17. July 1453. (born 1387)

Japanese commander Hosokawa Takakuni died 17. July 1531. (born 1484)

German poet and historian Georg Fabricius died 17. July 1571. (born 1516)

Ottoman architect and engineer, designed the Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Mosque and Süleymaniye Mosque Mimar Sinan died 17. July 1588. (born 1489)

1st Earl of Somerset, English politician Robert Carr died 17. July 1645. (born 1587)

French-American fur trader and explorer Pierre-Charles Le Sueur died 17. July 1704. (born 1657)

English-American planter and merchant Robert Bolling died 17. July 1709. (born 1646)

Scottish economist and philosopher Adam Smith died 17. July 1790. (born 1723)

Austrian missionary Martin Dobrizhoffer died 17. July 1791. (born 1717)

French murderer Charlotte Corday died 17. July 1793. (born 1768)

English chemist John Roebuck died 17. July 1794. (born 1718)

2nd Earl Grey, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Charles Grey died 17. July 1845. (born 1764)

Italian poet Aleardo Aleardi died 17. July 1878. (born 1812)

Ukrainian painter Maurycy Gottlieb died 17. July 1879. (born 1856)

American mountain man and explorer Jim Bridger died 17. July 1881. (born 1804)

Vietnamese emperor Tự Đức died 17. July 1883. (born 1892)

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