See all who died on 21. April

Byzantine chief minister Bardas died 21. April 866.

Turkish commander Bajkam died 21. April 941.

Italian-English archbishop Anselm of Canterbury died 21. April 1109. (born 1033)

French philosopher and theologian Peter Abelard died 21. April 1142. (born 1079)

German mathematician and astronomer Petrus Apianus died 21. April 1557. (born 1495)

Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo I de` Medici died 21. April 1574. (born 1519)

French playwright Jean Racine died 21. April 1699. (born 1639)

Japanese daimyo Asano Naganori died 21. April 1701. (born 1667)

French mathematician and astronomer Philippe de La Hire died 21. April 1719. (born 1640)

Irish-French author Antoine Hamilton died 21. April 1720. (born 1646)

Jr., American historian Robert Beverley died 21. April 1722. (born 1673)

English poet Thomas Tickell died 21. April 1740. (born 1685)

Brazilian activist Tiradentes died 21. April 1792. (born 1746)

American soldier and politician Joseph Winston died 21. April 1815. (born 1746)

German mathematician Johann Friedrich Pfaff died 21. April 1825. (born 1765)

Russian general Ivan Nabokov died 21. April 1852. (born 1787)

1st Baronet, Irish politician Sir Robert Bateson died 21. April 1863. (born 1782)

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