Samantha Crawford, American tennis player (American tennis player, 18.2.1995.)

Ulrik Munther, Swedish singer-songwriter (Swedish singer-songwriter, 18.2.1994.)

Unbridled's Song, American race horse (d. 2013) (American race horse , 18.2.1993.)

Logan Miller, American actor (American actor, 18.2.1992.)

Henry Surtees, English race car driver (d. 2009) (English race car driver , 18.2.1991.)

Sebastian Neumann, German footballer (German footballer, 18.2.1991.)

Marek Kaljumäe, Estonian footballer (Estonian footballer, 18.2.1991.)

Malese Jow, American actress and singer (American actress and singer, 18.2.1991.)

Penny Pax, American pornographic actress and model (American pornographic actress and model, 18.2.1990.)

Park Shin-hye, South Korean actress and singer (South Korean actress and singer, 18.2.1990.)


Nelson Frazier, Jr., American wrestler and actor (b. 1971) (Jr., American wrestler and actor , 18.2.2014.)

Martin Zweig, American financier (b. 1942) (American financier , 18.2.2013.)

Matt Mattox, American dancer and actor (b. 1922) (American dancer and actor , 18.2.2013.)

Anthony Theodore Lobo, Pakistani bishop (b. 1937) (Pakistani bishop , 18.2.2013.)

Chieko Honda, Japanese voice actress (b. 1963) (Japanese voice actress , 18.2.2013.)

Godfrey Hewitt, English geneticist (b. 1940) (English geneticist , 18.2.2013.)

Damon Harris, American singer (The Temptations) (b. 1950) (American singer (The Temptations) , 18.2.2013.)

Milan Gvero, Serbian general (b. 1937) (Serbian general , 18.2.2013.)

Elspet Gray, Scottish actress (b. 1929) (Scottish actress , 18.2.2013.)

B. G. Dyess, American minister and politician (b. 1922) (American minister and politician , 18.2.2013.)


At least 76 people are killed and hundreds are injured in clashes between riot police and demonstrators in Kiev, Ukraine. (18.2.2014.)

Terrorist bombs explode on the Samjhauta Express in Panipat, Haryana, India, killing 68 people. (18.2.2007.)

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