Ben Bowen, American brain cancer victim (d. 2005) (American brain cancer victim , 14.11.2002.)

Graham Patrick Martin, American actor (American actor, 14.11.1991.)

Taylor Hall, Canadian ice hockey player (Canadian ice hockey player, 14.11.1991.)

Jessica Jacobs, Australian actress and singer (d. 2008) (Australian actress and singer , 14.11.1990.)

The Ready Set, American singer-songwriter (American singer-songwriter, 14.11.1989.)

Jake Livermore, English footballer (English footballer, 14.11.1989.)

T. Y. Hilton, American football player (American football player, 14.11.1989.)

Vlad Chiricheș, Romanian footballer (Romanian footballer, 14.11.1989.)

Michael Cox, American football player (American football player, 14.11.1988.)

Giorgios Georgiadis, Greek footballer (Greek footballer, 14.11.1987.)


Reg Sinclair, Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1925) (Canadian ice hockey player , 14.11.2013.)

Bennett Masinga, South African footballer (b. 1965) (South African footballer , 14.11.2013.)

Grace Jones, English super-centenarian (b. 1899) (English super-centenarian , 14.11.2013.)

Dena Epstein, American musicologist and author (b. 1916) (American musicologist and author , 14.11.2013.)

Hari Krishna Devsare, Indian journalist and author (b. 1938) (Indian journalist and author , 14.11.2013.)

Sudhir Bhat, Indian producer and manager (b. 1951) (Indian producer and manager , 14.11.2013.)

Georgina Anderson, English singer (b. 1998) (English singer , 14.11.2013.)

Augustine, Indian actor (b. 1955) (Indian actor , 14.11.2013.)

Abubakar Olusola Saraki, Nigerian physician and politician (b. 1933) (Nigerian physician and politician , 14.11.2012.)

Luíz Eugênio Pérez, Brazilian bishop (b. 1928) (Brazilian bishop , 14.11.2012.)


Israel launches a major military operation in the Gaza Strip, as hostilities with Hamas escalate. (14.11.2012.)

Germany's Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing wins Formula One's Drivers Championship to become the sport's youngest champion. (14.11.2010.)

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