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After being besieged in Rome by his own generals, Western Roman Emperor Anthemius is captured in the St. Peter's Basilica and put to death. (11. July 472)

Signing of the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte between Charles the Simple and Rollo of Normandy. (11. July 911)

Baldwin IV, 13, becomes King of Jerusalem, with Raymond III, Count of Tripoli as regent and William of Tyre as chancellor. (11. July 1174)

Battle of the Golden Spurs (Guldensporenslag in Dutch) – a coalition around the Flemish cities defeats the king of France's royal army. (11. July 1302)

Charles IV, Count of Luxembourg and King of Bohemia, is elected King of the Romans. (11. July 1346)

Ming admiral Zheng He sets sail to explore the world for the first time. (11. July 1405)

Giuliano della Rovere is appointed bishop of Coutances. (11. July 1476)

Martin Frobisher sights Greenland. (11. July 1576)

Samuel de Champlain returns to Quebec. (11. July 1616)

Mathematical calculations suggest that it is on this day that dwarf planet Pluto moved inside the orbit of Neptune for the last time before 1979. (11. July 1735)

Pogrom: Jews are expelled from Little Russia. (11. July 1740)

Halifax, Nova Scotia is almost completely destroyed by fire. (11. July 1750)

Jacques Necker is dismissed as France's Finance Minister sparking the Storming of the Bastille. (11. July 1789)

The United States takes possession of Detroit from Great Britain under terms of the Jay Treaty. (11. July 1796)

The United States Marine Corps is re-established; they had been disbanded after the American Revolutionary War. (11. July 1798)

French astronomer Jean-Louis Pons makes his first comet discovery. In the next 27 years he discovers another 36 comets, more than any other person in history. (11. July 1801)

A duel occurs in which the Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr mortally wounds former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. (11. July 1804)

Noongar Australian aboriginal warrior Yagan, wanted for the murder of white colonists in Western Australia, is killed. (11. July 1833)

Waterloo railway station in London opens. (11. July 1848)

American Civil War: Battle of Fort Stevens; Confederate forces attempt to invade Washington, D.C. (11. July 1864)

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