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Babylonians capture Jerusalem, and replace Jehoiachin with Zedekiah as king. (16. March 597. BC)

Emperor Valentinian III is assassinated by two Hunnic retainers while training with the bow on the Campus Martius (Rome). (16. March 455)

Meng Zhixiang declares himself emperor and establishes Later Shu as a new state independent of Later Tang. (16. March 934)

Massacre of Jews at Clifford's Tower, York. (16. March 1190)

Over 200 Cathars are burned after the Fall of Montségur. (16. March 1244)

The Battle of Boroughbridge take place in the Despenser Wars. (16. March 1322)

Ferdinand Magellan reaches the Philippines. (16. March 1521)

Samoset, a Mohegan, visited the settlers of Plymouth Colony and greets them, "Welcome, Englishmen! My name is Samoset." (16. March 1621)

The Long Parliament of England is dissolved so as to prepare for the new Convention Parliament. (16. March 1660)

The 23rd Regiment of Foot or Royal Welch Fusiliers is founded. (16. March 1689)

American Revolutionary War: Spanish troops capture the British-held island of Roatán. (16. March 1782)

King Gustav III of Sweden is shot; he dies on March 29. (16. March 1792)

The Army Corps of Engineers is established to found and operate the United States Military Academy at West Point. (16. March 1802)

Battle of Badajoz (March 16 – April 6) – British and Portuguese forces besieged and defeated French garrison during Peninsular War. (16. March 1812)

Prince Willem proclaims himself King of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, the first constitutional monarch in the Netherlands. (16. March 1815)

In the Second Battle of Cancha Rayada, Spanish forces defeated Chileans under José de San Martín. (16. March 1818)

Edward Clark becomes Governor of Texas, replacing Sam Houston, who has been evicted from the office for refusing to take an oath of loyalty to the Confederacy. (16. March 1861)

American Civil War: During the Red River Campaign, Union troops reach Alexandria, Louisiana. (16. March 1864)

American Civil War: The Battle of Averasborough began as Confederate forces suffer irreplaceable casualties in the final months of the war. (16. March 1865)

The Wanderers F.C. won the first FA Cup, the oldest football competition in the world, beating Royal Engineers A.F.C. 1-0 at The Oval in Kennington, London. (16. March 1872)

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