Find out who all were born in the 15. century

Italian politician Lorenzo de` Medici was born 1. January 1449. (died 1492)

Polish king Sigismund I the Old was born 1. January 1467. (died 1548)

Swiss pastor and theologian Huldrych Zwingli was born 1. January 1484. (died 1531)

French saint Joan of Arc was born 6. January 1412. (died 1431)

German composer and theorist Martin Agricola was born 6. January 1486. (died 1556)

German poet Helius Eobanus Hessus was born 6. January 1488. (died 1540)

Italian scholar Crinitus was born 9. January 1475. (died 1507)

Duchess of Savoy Margaret of Austria was born 10. January 1480. (died 1530)

Italian composer and theorist Franchinus Gaffurius was born 14. January 1451. (died 1522)

German archbishop Hermann of Wied was born 14. January 1477. (died 1552)

Japanese shogun Ashikaga Yoshizumi was born 15. January 1481. (died 1511)

German astronomer and cartographer Johannes Schöner was born 16. January 1477. (died 1547)

Elector of Saxony Frederick III was born 17. January 1463. (died 1525)

German religious reformer George Spalatin was born 17. January 1484. (died 1545)

Japanese shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa was born 20. January 1435. (died 1490)

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