Find out who all were born in the 17. century

English bishop John Wilkins was born 1. January 1614. (died 1672)

Spanish painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo was born 1. January 1618. (died 1682)

German composer Christoph Bernhard was born 1. January 1628. (died 1692)

German jurist and philosopher Christian Thomasius was born 1. January 1655. (died 1728)

Dutch scholar Arnold Drakenborch was born 1. January 1684. (died 1748)

Ottoman sultan Mehmed IV was born 2. January 1642. (died 1693)

English-American rebel leader Nathaniel Bacon was born 2. January 1647. (died 1676)

Ottoman sultan Osman III was born 2. January 1699. (died 1757)

Italian poet Metastasio was born 3. January 1698. (died 1782)

Swedish physician Lars Roberg was born 4. January 1664. (died 1742)

English-Irish archbishop Hugh Boulter was born 4. January 1672. (died 1742)

Italian composer Paolo Lorenzani was born 5. January 1640. (died 1713)

Italian organist and composer Pietro Filippo Scarlatti was born 5. January 1679. (died 1750)

Danish politician Christoffer Gabel was born 6. January 1617. (died 1673)

1st Duke of Chandos, English academic and politician James Brydges was born 6. January 1673. (died 1744)

Italian oboe player and composer Giuseppe Sammartini was born 6. January 1695. (died 1750)

German composer Adam Krieger was born 7. January 1634. (died 1666)

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