Find out who all died from November to December 1998

American actor Norman Fell died 14. December 1998. (born 1924)

Canadian pianist and conductor Pierre Hétu died 3. December 1998. (born 1936)

American actress Ruth Clifford died 30. November 1998. (born 1900)

Spanish bullfighter Antonio Ordóñez died 19. December 1998. (born 1932)

American poker player Stu Ungar died 22. November 1998. (born 1953)

American singer-songwriter (Snot) Lynn Strait died 11. December 1998. (born 1968)

American actress Esther Rolle died 17. November 1998. (born 1920)

American painter Allan D`Arcangelo died 17. December 1998. (born 1930)

English-American composer John Addison died 7. December 1998. (born 1920)

English cinematographer Freddie Young died 1. December 1998. (born 1902)

American treasure hunter Mel Fisher died 19. December 1998. (born 1922)

German colonel and physician Ernst-Günther Schenck died 21. December 1998. (born 1904)

American ice hockey player Frank Brimsek died 11. November 1998. (born 1913)

English physiologist and biophysicist, Nobel Prize laureate Alan Lloyd Hodgkin died 20. December 1998. (born 1916)

Irish-English actress Valerie Hobson died 13. November 1998. (born 1917)

American author William Gaddis died 16. December 1998. (born 1922)

Jr., American lawyer, judge, and activist A. Leon Higginbotham died 14. December 1998. (born 1928)

Czech discus thrower Ludvík Daněk died 15. November 1998. (born 1937)

Canadian historian and author C. P. Lyons died 20. December 1998. (born 1915)

Russian ethnographer and politician Galina Starovoytova died 20. November 1998. (born 1946)

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