Find out who all died from January to February 1998

American author Walter D. Edmonds died 24. January 1998. (born 1903)

American actor J. T. Walsh died 27. February 1998. (born 1943)

French geologist Haroun Tazieff died 2. February 1998. (born 1914)

Greek politician Georgios Mylonas died 15. February 1998. (born 1919)

Mexican actor and clown José Marroquín Leal died 6. February 1998. (born 1933)

American politician, 36th Mayor of San Francisco Joseph Alioto died 29. January 1998. (born 1916)

American author Lawrence Sanders died 7. February 1998. (born 1920)

American journalist and author Martha Gellhorn died 15. February 1998. (born 1908)

American economist Gardner Ackley died 12. February 1998. (born 1915)

American actor Jack Lord died 21. January 1998. (born 1920)

American sportscaster Harry Caray died 18. February 1998. (born 1914)

Welsh footballer Robbie James died 18. February 1998. (born 1957)

German conductor Klaus Tennstedt died 11. January 1998. (born 1926)

Greek actor Dimitris Horn died 16. January 1998. (born 1921)

Canadian author W. O. Mitchell died 25. February 1998. (born 1914)

Irish actor and comedian Dermot Morgan died 28. February 1998. (born 1952)

American singer-songwriter and harmonica player (The Aces) Junior Wells died 15. January 1998. (born 1934)

American composer and songwriter Bob Merrill died 17. February 1998. (born 1921)

Japanese author and illustrator Shotaro Ishinomori died 28. January 1998. (born 1938)

American guitarist (Slaughter) Tim Kelly died 5. February 1998. (born 1963)

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