Find out who all died from April to September 1999

American actress Dana Plato died 8. May 1999. (born 1964)

Irish racing driver Neil Shanahan died 31. May 1999. (born 1979)

Mexican television host Paco Stanley died 7. June 1999. (born 1942)

English footballer and manager Alf Ramsey died 28. April 1999. (born 1920)

American captain, pilot, and astronaut Pete Conrad died 8. July 1999. (born 1930)

Russian mathematician, physicist, and mountaineer Aleksandr Danilovich Aleksandrov died 27. July 1999. (born 1912)

Greek-American singer Apostolos Nikolaidis died 22. April 1999. (born 1938)

Greek general and politician, 168th Prime Minister of Greece Konstantinos Kollias died 13. July 1999. (born 1901)

Spanish tenor Alfredo Kraus died 10. September 1999. (born 1927)

Austrian-German SS officer Hermine Braunsteiner died 19. April 1999. (born 1919)

Saudi Arabian scholar Abd al-Aziz ibn Baz died 13. May 1999. (born 1910)

Israeli singer-songwriter Meir Ariel died 18. July 1999. (born 1942)

American historian and author Byron Farwell died 3. August 1999. (born 1921)

American author William H. Armstrong died 11. April 1999. (born 1911)

Irish actress Bernadette O`Farrell died 26. September 1999. (born 1924)

English singer Screaming Lord Sutch died 16. June 1999. (born 1940)

New Zealand chess player Ortvin Sarapu died 13. April 1999. (born 1924)

American drummer, songwriter, and producer (Zapp) Larry Troutman died 25. April 1999. (born 1944)

English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (The Sound and The Outsiders) Adrian Borland died 26. April 1999. (born 1957)

American drummer (Megadeth) Gar Samuelson died 22. July 1999. (born 1958)

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