Find out who all is died in 1. century

Roman general and politician Gaius Marius died 13. January 86. (born 157BC)

Roman emperor Galba died 15. January 69. (born 3BC)

Roman politician Publius Clodius Pulcher died 18. January 52. (born 93BC)

Roman emperor Caligula died 24. January 41. (born 12)

Roman emperor Nerva died 27. January 98. (born 35)

Roman son of Claudius Britannicus died 11. February 55. (born 41)

Roman general and emperor Julius Caesar died 15. March 44. (born 100BC)

Roman emperor Tiberius died 16. March 37. (born 46BC)

Roman lieutenant Titus Labienus died 17. March 45. (born 100BC)

Chinese scholar Yuan An died 9. April 93.

Roman general and politician Gnaeus Pompeius died 12. April 45. (born 75BC)

Roman emperor Otho died 16. April 69. (born 32)

Roman poet Lucan died 30. April 65. (born 39)

Roman emperor Nero died 9. June 68. (born 37)

Roman emperor Vespasian died 23. June 79. (born 9)

Roman wife of Gaius Julius Caesar Aurelia Cotta died 31. July 54. (born 120BC)

Roman general and politician Mark Antony died 1. August 30. (born 83BC)

Egyptian queen Cleopatra died 12. August 30. (born 69BC)

Roman emperor Augustus died 19. August 14. (born 63BC)

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