Find out who all is died in 11. century

French bishop Walkelin died 3. January 1098.

English king Edward the Confessor died 5. January 1066. (born 1004)

French theologian Berengar of Tours died 6. January 1088. (born 999)

Egyptian caliph Al-Mustansir Billah died 10. January 1094. (born 1029)

Byzantine emperor Constantine IX Monomachos died 11. January 1055. (born 1000)

Holy Roman Emperor Otto III died 23. January 1002. (born 980)

Duke of Bohemia Spytihněv II died 28. January 1061. (born 1031)

Duke of Aquitaine William V died 30. January 1030. (born 969)

Danish husband of Gunhild of Wenden Sweyn Forkbeard died 3. February 1014. (born 960)

Duke of Saxony Bernard I died 9. February 1011. (born 950)

Count of Flanders Arnulf III died 22. February 1071. (born 1055)

German archbishop Willigis died 23. February 1011. (born 940)

German archbishop Heribert of Cologne died 16. March 1021. (born 970)

German archbishop Adalbert of Hamburg died 16. March 1072. (born 1000)

English son of Cnut the Great Harold Harefoot died 17. March 1040. (born 1015)

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