Find out who all is died in 19. century

German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth died 1. January 1817. (born 1743)

English soldier and explorer John Torrington died 1. January 1846. (born 1825)

Australian farmer and explorer Gregory Blaxland died 1. January 1853. (born 1778)

Russian physicist Mikhail Ostrogradsky died 1. January 1862. (born 1801)

French activist Louis Auguste Blanqui died 1. January 1881. (born 1805)

American politician, 25th Mayor of Chicago Roswell B. Mason died 1. January 1892. (born 1805)

German physicist Heinrich Hertz died 1. January 1894. (born 1857)

American publisher and lawyer, created the Beach Pneumatic Transit Alfred Ely Beach died 1. January 1896. (born 1826)

English mathematician and astronomer George Biddell Airy died 2. January 1892. (born 1801)

Aborigine interlocutor Bennelong died 3. January 1813. (born 1764)

French marshal Louis-Gabriel Suchet died 3. January 1826. (born 1770)

Indian saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara died 3. January 1871. (born 1805)

French lexicographer Pierre Larousse died 3. January 1875. (born 1817)

English author William Harrison Ainsworth died 3. January 1882. (born 1805)

American lithographer and businessman, co-founded Currier and Ives James Merritt Ives died 3. January 1895. (born 1824)

English author and poet Charlotte Lennox died 4. January 1804. (born 1730)

American saint Elizabeth Ann Seton died 4. January 1821. (born 1774)

American general Roger Hanson died 4. January 1863. (born 1827)

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