Find out who all is died in 4. century

Greek bishop Basil of Caesarea died 1. January 379. (born 329)

Turkish martyr, saint, and theologian Lucian of Antioch died 7. January 312. (born 240)

Mayan king Chak Tok Ich`aak I died 16. January 378.

Roman emperor Theodosius I died 17. January 395. (born 347)

Byzantine archbishop and saint Gregory of Nazianzus died 25. January 389. (born 329)

Roman emperor Jovian died 17. February 364. (born 331)

Israeli martyr Saint Eubulus died 7. March 308.

German-Italian archbishop and saint Ambrose died 4. April 397. (born 338)

Roman soldier and martyr Saint George died 23. April 303. (born 275)

Egyptian bishop and saint Athanasius of Alexandria died 2. May 373. (born 298)

Roman emperor Valentinian II died 15. May 392. (born 371)

Roman emperor Constantine the Great died 22. May 337. (born 272)

Roman usurper Procopius died 27. May 366. (born 325)

Chinese usurper Sima Lun died 5. June 301. (born 249)

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