Find out what all happened in the 14. century

Stephen Uroš III is crowned King of Serbia. (6. January 1322)

Charles I of Bohemia is crowned with the Iron Crown of Lombardy as King of Italy in Milan. (6. January 1355)

Alfonso IV becomes King of Portugal. (7. January 1325)

The Jewish population of Basel, Switzerland, believed by the residents to be the cause of the ongoing Black Death, is rounded up and incinerated. (9. January 1349)

Andrew III of Hungary dies, ending the Árpád dynasty in Hungary. (14. January 1301)

Arnošt of Pardubice becomes the last bishop of Prague and, subsequently, the first Archbishop of Prague. (14. January 1343)

A storm tide in the North Sea destroys the German city of Rungholt on the island of Strand. (16. January 1362)

Pope Gregory XI moves the Papacy back to Rome from Avignon. (17. January 1377)

Duke Wladyslaw Lokietek becomes king of Poland. (20. January 1320)

Edward Balliol abdicates as King of Scotland. (20. January 1356)

In a coronation ceremony, Zhu Yuanzhang ascends to the throne of China as the Hongwu Emperor, initiating Ming Dynasty rule over China that would last for three centuries. (23. January 1368)

A strong earthquake strikes the South Alpine region of Friuli in modern Italy, causing considerable damage to buildings as far away as Rome. (25. January 1348)

King Edward III of England is declared King of France. (26. January 1340)

Dante Alighieri, the poet and politician is exiled from Florence, Italy, where he served as one of six priors governing the city. (27. January 1302)

Pope Clement VI issues the papal bull Unigenitus to justify the power of the pope and the use of indulgences. Nearly 200 years later, Martin Luther would protest this. (27. January 1343)

King Charles VI of France is nearly killed when several dancers' costumes catch fire during a masquerade ball. (28. January 1393)

Teenaged Edward III is crowned King of England, but the country is ruled by his mother Queen Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer. (1. February 1327)

King John of Bohemia captures Medvėgalis, an important fortress of the pagan Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and baptizes 6,000 of its defenders (1. February 1329)

More than 2,000 people of the Italian city of Cesena are slaughtered by Papal Troops (Cesena Bloodbath). (3. February 1377)

Edward of Caernarvon (later King Edward II of England) becomes the first English Prince of Wales. (7. February 1301)

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