See all who died on 6. December

English author Anthony Trollope died 6. December 1882. (born 1815)

American general and politician, President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis died 6. December 1889. (born 1808)

German businessman, founded the Siemens Company Werner von Siemens died 6. December 1892. (born 1816)

Italian pneumonia victim Rosalia Lombardo died 6. December 1920. (born 1918)

American golfer Jesse Carleton died 6. December 1921. (born 1862)

American author and screenwriter Gene Stratton-Porter died 6. December 1924. (born 1863)

Duke of Mecklenburg Charles Michael died 6. December 1934. (born 1863)

American singer-songwriter and guitarist Lead Belly died 6. December 1949. (born 1888)

American journalist and publisher, founded The New Yorker Harold Ross died 6. December 1951. (born 1892)

American baseball player and manager Honus Wagner died 6. December 1955. (born 1874)

Indian economist and politician, 1st Indian Minister of Justice B. R. Ambedkar died 6. December 1956. (born 1891)

American rower John Geiger died 6. December 1956. (born 1873)

Martinique-French psychiatrist and author Frantz Fanon died 6. December 1961. (born 1925)

Dutch footballer and architect Evert van Linge died 6. December 1964. (born 1895)

American wife of Charles Spencer-Churchill, 9th Duke of Marlborough Consuelo Vanderbilt died 6. December 1964. (born 1877)

English actress and singer Janet Munro died 6. December 1972. (born 1934)

Brazilian lawyer and politician, 24th President of Brazil João Goulart died 6. December 1976. (born 1918)

Sri Lankan journalist and academic K. Kailasapathy died 6. December 1982. (born 1933)

Kenyan politician Jean-Marie Seroney died 6. December 1982. (born 1927)

French singer Lucienne Boyer died 6. December 1983. (born 1903)

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