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Roman philosopher, lawyer, and politician Cicero died 7. December 43. (born 106BC)

Holy Roman Emperor Otto II died 7. December 983. (born 955)

Polish husband of Kinga of Poland Bolesław V the Chaste died 7. December 1279. (born 1226)

7th Earl of Gloucester, English soldier Gilbert de Clare died 7. December 1295. (born 1243)

German poet Alexander Hegius von Heek died 7. December 1498. (born 1433)

Dutch-Italian composer and educator Adrian Willaert died 7. December 1562. (born 1490)

French missionary and saint Charles Garnier died 7. December 1649. (born 1606)

English-American lawyer and politician, 8th Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony Richard Bellingham died 7. December 1672. (born 1592)

English philosopher and politician, Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports Algernon Sidney died 7. December 1683. (born 1623)

Czech architect, designed the Pilgrimage Church of Saint John of Nepomuk and Karlova Koruna Chateau Jan Santini Aichel died 7. December 1723. (born 1677)

French actor and playwright Florent Carton Dancourt died 7. December 1725. (born 1661)

Spanish monk, scholar, and author Martín Sarmiento died 7. December 1772. (born 1695)

English admiral and politician Charles Saunders died 7. December 1775. (born 1715)

French soldier Joseph Bara died 7. December 1793. (born 1779)

German-French general Michel Ney died 7. December 1815. (born 1769)

English admiral and politician, 4th Governor of New South Wales William Bligh died 7. December 1817. (born 1745)

Scottish philosopher and author Thomas Hamilton died 7. December 1842. (born 1789)

German academic and scholar Constantin von Tischendorf died 7. December 1874. (born 1815)

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