See all who died on 9. June

Roman emperor Nero died 9. June 68. (born 37)

Turkish hymnographer and theologian Ephrem the Syrian died 9. June 373. (born 306)

Irish missionary and saint Columba died 9. June 597. (born 521)

Persian general and king Shahrbaraz died 9. June 630.

French composer and poet Philippe de Vitry died 9. June 1361. (born 1291)

1st Baron Paget, English accountant and politician William Paget died 9. June 1563. (born 1506)

French wife of Antoine of Navarre Jeanne d`Albret died 9. June 1572. (born 1528)

3rd Earl of Sussex, English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland Thomas Radclyffe died 9. June 1583. (born 1525)

Welsh composer Thomas Tomkins died 9. June 1656. (born 1572)

Indian commander Banda Singh Bahadur died 9. June 1716. (born 1670)

French mystic Jeanne Guyon died 9. June 1717. (born 1648)

English minister and missionary William Carey died 9. June 1834. (born 1761)

English author and critic Charles Dickens died 9. June 1870. (born 1812)

French geologist and conchologist Gérard Paul Deshayes died 9. June 1875. (born 1795)

American baseball player Mike Burke died 9. June 1889. (born 1854)

Japanese painter Yoshitoshi died 9. June 1892. (born 1839)

Canadian-English captain and explorer William Grant Stairs died 9. June 1892. (born 1863)

German historian Adolf Bötticher died 9. June 1901. (born 1842)

Czech gymnast František Erben died 9. June 1942. (born 1874)

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