See all who died on 11. January

Italian composer Domenico Cimarosa died 11. January 1801. (born 1749)

Canadian businessman, founded the Molson Brewing Company John Molson died 11. January 1836. (born 1763)

American lawyer, author, and songwriter Francis Scott Key died 11. January 1843. (born 1779)

English-Australian politician, 1st Premier of New South Wales Stuart Donaldson died 11. January 1867. (born 1812)

German physiologist Theodor Schwann died 11. January 1882. (born 1810)

French civic planner Georges-Eugène Haussmann died 11. January 1891. (born 1809)

Russian composer Vasily Kalinnikov died 11. January 1901. (born 1866)

English cricketer Johnny Briggs died 11. January 1902. (born 1862)

Canadian merchant and politician William Sawyer died 11. January 1904. (born 1815)

Polish rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter died 11. January 1905. (born 1847)

Danish brewer and philanthropist Carl Jacobsen died 11. January 1914. (born 1842)

Norwegian philologist and lexicographer Steinar Schjøtt died 11. January 1920. (born 1844)

English author and poet Thomas Hardy died 11. January 1928. (born 1840)

American pastor, historian, and author James Milton Carroll died 11. January 1931. (born 1852)

Finnish wrestler Johan Salonen died 11. January 1938. (born 1884)

German chess player Emanuel Lasker died 11. January 1941. (born 1868)

Italian politician, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Galeazzo Ciano died 11. January 1944. (born 1903)

Canadian-American singer Eva Tanguay died 11. January 1947. (born 1879)

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