See all who died on 12. August

Egyptian queen Cleopatra died 12. August 30. (born 69BC)

English diplomat and scholar Thomas Smith died 12. August 1577. (born 1513)

Italian-English composer Alfonso Ferrabosco the elder died 12. August 1588. (born 1543)

Italian organist and composer Giovanni Gabrieli died 12. August 1612. (born 1557)

Italian singer-songwriter Jacopo Peri died 12. August 1633. (born 1561)

German jurist and philosopher Johannes Althusius died 12. August 1638. (born 1557)

French painter Philippe de Champaigne died 12. August 1674. (born 1602)

3rd Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven, English general Peregrine Bertie died 12. August 1778. (born 1714)

Russian field marshal Mikhail Kamensky died 12. August 1809. (born 1738)

French pharmacist and entomologist √Čtienne Louis Geoffroy died 12. August 1810. (born 1725)

Viscount Castlereagh, Irish-English politician, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Robert Stewart died 12. August 1822. (born 1769)

English poet and painter William Blake died 12. August 1827. (born 1757)

French general Charles Sapinaud de La Rairie died 12. August 1829. (born 1760)

English engineer George Stephenson died 12. August 1848. (born 1781)

Swiss-American ethnologist, linguist, and politician, 4th United States Secretary of the Treasury Albert Gallatin died 12. August 1849. (born 1761)

English-Indian lawyer and activist John Elliot Drinkwater Bethune died 12. August 1851. (born 1801)

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