See all who died on 13. March

Spanish bishop Leander of Seville died 13. March 600. (born 534)

Scottish poet John Barbour died 13. March 1395. (born 1320)

Persian ruler Shahrukh Mirza died 13. March 1447. (born 1377)

Prince of Condé Louis died 13. March 1569. (born 1530)

French politician Michel de l`Hôpital died 13. March 1573. (born 1507)

French cardinal and diplomat Arnaud d`Ossat died 13. March 1604. (born 1537)

English actor Richard Burbage died 13. March 1619. (born 1567)

French poet and critic Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux died 13. March 1711. (born 1636)

German alchemist Johann Friedrich Böttger died 13. March 1719. (born 1682)

French historian and explorer Philibert Commerson died 13. March 1773. (born 1727)

French historian and author Charles le Beau died 13. March 1778. (born 1701)

Indian minister and politician Nana Fadnavis died 13. March 1800. (born 1742)

English gardener William Emes died 13. March 1803. (born 1729)

British naval officer and cartographer William Bradley died 13. March 1833. (born 1757)

English army officer Henry Shrapnel died 13. March 1842. (born 1761)

French politician, 6th Prime Minister of France Jean-Baptiste de Villèle died 13. March 1854. (born 1773)

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