See all who died on 15. April

Empress of Japan Suiko died 15. April 628. (born 554)

Earl of Wessex Godwin died 15. April 1053. (born 1001)

German archbishop Adolf of Altena died 15. April 1220. (born 1157)

Greek educator Manuel Chrysoloras died 15. April 1415. (born 1355)

Italian sculptor and architect Filippo Brunelleschi died 15. April 1446. (born 1377)

Polish wife of Suleiman the Magnificent Roxelana died 15. April 1558. (born 1500)

English priest Robert Persons died 15. April 1610. (born 1546)

1st Baron Baltimore, English politician George Calvert died 15. April 1632. (born 1580)

Italian painter Domenico Zampieri died 15. April 1641. (born 1581)

Russian patriarch Patriarch Joseph died 15. April 1652.

German poet Simon Dach died 15. April 1659. (born 1605)

Dutch mathematician Johannes Hudde died 15. April 1704. (born 1628)

Marquise de Maintenon, French wife of Louis XIV of France Françoise d`Aubigné died 15. April 1719. (born 1635)

Italian mathematician Jacopo Riccati died 15. April 1754. (born 1676)

3rd Duke of Argyll, Scottish lawyer and politician Archibald Campbell died 15. April 1761. (born 1682)

English historian and author William Oldys died 15. April 1761. (born 1696)

French mistress of Louis XV of France Madame de Pompadour died 15. April 1764. (born 1721)

Danish astronomer Peder Horrebow died 15. April 1764. (born 1679)

Russian chemist and physicist Mikhail Lomonosov died 15. April 1765. (born 1711)

Austrian composer Giuseppe Bonno died 15. April 1788. (born 1711)

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