See all who died on 15. March

Roman general and emperor Julius Caesar died 15. March 44. (born 100BC)

Chinese warlord Cao Cao died 15. March 220. (born 155)

Byzantine emperor Romanos II died 15. March 963. (born 938)

Count of Brienne Deaths at the battle of the Cephissus: Gautier V died 15. March 1311. (born 1275)

Grand preceptor of the Knights Hospitaller Albert of Schwarzburg died 15. March 1327.

Italian organist and composer Annibale Padovano died 15. March 1575. (born 1527)

Dutch rabbi David Pardo died 15. March 1657. (born unknown)

English-American clergyman, co-founded the New Haven Colony John Davenport died 15. March 1670. (born 1597)

Italian painter and poet Salvator Rosa died 15. March 1673. (born 1615)

Italian priest and missionary Eusebio Kino died 15. March 1711. (born 1645)

Austrian priest and saint Clemens Maria Hofbauer died 15. March 1820. (born 1751)

Baltic German linguist and clergyman Otto Wilhelm Masing died 15. March 1832. (born 1763)

Italian composer Luigi Cherubini died 15. March 1842. (born 1760)

Italian cardinal and linguist Giuseppe Caspar Mezzofanti died 15. March 1849. (born 1774)

French poet Théodore de Banville died 15. March 1891. (born 1823)

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